Video of iPod Video playing . . . Video?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jessearl, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. jessearl
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    Mar 7, 2005
    Can someone post a link to a video showing what the iPod Video actually looks like when it plays a music video or tv show?

    I'm wondering about the clarity of the screen and the response time between selecting the device to play and it actually playing.
  2. JonHimself
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    Nov 3, 2004
    Toronto, Ontario
    I think this might be tough to find seeing as I don't think they have been released yet, I could be wrong. Having said that, I too would like to see what it looks like in action before I grab one.
  3. steehl
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    Oct 15, 2005
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Cnet has a small video showing the new 5G iPod in action:
  4. wordmunger
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    Sep 3, 2003
    North Carolina
    Wow... that video looks pretty sharp. Not as sharp as my 48-inch Hitachi, but very nice nonetheless.

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