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Video Podcasts Not Working

Discussion in 'iPod' started by maldrac, Dec 16, 2007.

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    I recently downloaded a few video pod casts to watch and the video is all messed up (sort of thing where the driver is wrong) the screen is out of sync and mainly green with no viewable image, the sound plays ok. I also checked past casts that I had previously downloaded, that used to work, they are the same.

    I have re-installed iTunes, but with no effect. Is this a known problem and are there any fixes?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
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    you have to convert the videos into iPod MP4 format.. after that you can watch it on your iPod.
    may i ask what's the podcast video file's extention name?
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    Podcast video

    I wasn't really trying to view them in my iPod, they don't work on iTunes on my PC, the file extensions vary some are in mp4 format already and still appear as a green mess, the videos in question are yoga execises and it's easier to view on the big PC screen than on the iPod while doing them :)

    It is not just the new ones I downloaded I have stuff I downloaded before which worked ok but since the last iTunes upgrade the all started behaving the same.
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