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Video skipping or stutter since 2.1 update

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by plaidhippo, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    I noticed that since my 160gb :apple:tv was updated to the 2.1 version recently, movies will sometimes stutter during playback. The movies are standard mp4 files generated by handbrake, low enough resolution to be usable on both ipod and apple tv. The media is on the hard drive, there is no streaming. It doesn't happen to all movies, it just randomly skips and pauses for a second. I can't get it to repeat consistently, but it has happened several times. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? It has only happened since the 2.1 update. The device has been perfect with no flaws or hangs since I got it last year just after the 160 was announced.

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    I've had that problem as well and the only way to cure it once its started in a film is to reboot the box. Its strange as the films are stored locally. I'm starting to wonder if its something to do with a background sync going on?
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    I have had an issue since the update, and on first look, it seems to be only movies I deinterlaced. Normal progressive movies seem fine. I have to do some more testing to try to narrow it down though. We have had a few reports on the HB forums, but any additional info would be welcome. Also as you noted comparing movies that were fine before the 2.1 update obviously.
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    The movies I remember seeing it in were Shaun of the Dead (dvd rip I made, no de-interlacing used), and I think Old School (dvd rip, no deinterlacing used). Both movies were locally stored. I thought appletv doesn't sync while a movie is playing? If that is the case, it must be a new feature because i know that playing a movie while a sync is happening always results in the sync being stopped until the apple tv is "no longer busy". Just FYI, the apple tv is connected wirelessly to my airport extreme powered g only network.

    I haven't rented any movies since 2.1, so I don't have too many other variables or test cases I can clarify. Anyone else? Can we try to narrow this down?

    Any more assistance would be appreciated!
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    There's no pattern to the problems I've seen and the movies were fine before the update. This has happened on a few recently, mainly Pixar ones that the kids are watching. These were ripped with Apple TV settings, 2 passes, turbo first pass and AC3 audio.
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    Problem may have been found!

    Hi all,
    Thanks for your responses so far. I think I may have found the cause for the random stutterring (at least in my movies). Most of my movies are stored on the apple tv, which is connected to my wireless(b) network. When I launch iTunes on the computer to which it is synced, the apple tv pauses for a few seconds, obviously making its connection to itunes, then continues with no problems. iTunes starts up and shows the apple tv as normal with no problems there. I tried this and can consistently repeat the behavior. Other than when iTunes is launched, I never see stuttering!

    I know this didn't happen before the 2.1 update because I usually had the apple tv playing while I used itunes, and I never saw a stutter. I think this issue is fairly new. Maybe others can test the theory and see if they get the same results? I haven't tried launching itunes on other computers than the one it syncs with (i have a few, will try that tonight), maybe someone else can add more insight. However, for now, its "problem found" for me! :)

    Thanks all,

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