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Videos on iPod - list as tv shows/music videos?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DonWilson, Dec 28, 2005.

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    I've got numerous videos on my iPod that are recorded onto my harddrive, converted into the mp4/m4v format, as well as set as 'TV Show' under the Info panel (right click on file under itunes). For some reason, they all seem to show up under 'Movies' on the iPod, and not under the 'TV Shows' section. Actually as I look under the iPod, there is no section for 'TV Shows', but there is a section for music videos.

    Do I need to update my iPod? If so, how? Do I need to create a special playlist, or what?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    You can set it as TV Show in the Info panel? :eek:
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    As far as I know everything that you put on the iPod Video manually will just show up under "Movies". You can create Video Playlists and put things in various playlists, but only content purchased from iTunes will sort itself in to the "TV Show" and "Music Video" categories.

    Of course there could very well be a way to get your content sorted in to these categories, but I have no idea how. Playlists seem to work fine for me.
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    You have to tag them as "TV Show" under the "Kind" field using Lostify. Apple doesn't allow you to tag videos as a TV Show right in iTunes, only as a Movie or Music Video because I guess they figure legally you should only be getting TV eps from the iTMS, where they are pre-tagged. You can tag the TV Show series name and season using Lostify too - great for iPod navigation.
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    Any idea how to do it under Windows?
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    If you have cygwin installed and know your way around a command line environment, you can try the windows port of AtomicParsley. See the end of this thread:


    or you can brush up on your perl scripting and try your hand at Audio::MP4


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