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Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by eswank, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Who's in? I know I am.
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    I might be in. I'm in Lincoln. Haven't decided if I am going to AT&T locally or going to the Apple Store in Omaha. We'll see.
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    We don't even have 3G in Omaha, right? I'm going to hold on to my current model until we do.
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    Wow, there are some Omahans on here! ^ No we don't have 3g yet, but we will definitely have it by the end of the year. I just read an article in The World Herald and it was talking about AT&T and the new iPhone and said AT&T would have 3g in Omaha and Lincoln by the end of the year.

    I really hope they release the iphones when the store opens but it looks like it will be 6pm like last year.
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    If we get 3G by July 11th I may be there. Otherwise no way. Why pay an extra $10 a month for a phone made of inferior quality materials (i.e. plastic back)? But IF we get 3G I might make the switch.

    Although, I may go to the store just to see how EDGE on the original compares to the 3G model, and then ask an employee why my old phone works just as fast as the new model.
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    Inferior materials? Did you watch the keynote? The original back is made of silver plastic.....(not sure why black plastic makes it inferior) & the new one will actually have SUPERIOR materials as all of the buttons on it are to be made from metal, not plastic; ie: volume buttons, etc.
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    There's an Apple store in Omaha? Where?

    I'm asking, because I was born/raised there, but moved about 10 years ago. I was back in February, but didn't see one there. Village Pointe.. Isn't that 156th & Dodge? If so, sweet.

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    Nope, the original back was made of aluminum...I am holding one in my hand right now. Have you not even held an iPhone yet? You should, they are really impressive phones.
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    168th and Dodge, but yeah its there. Pretty sweet. At least one company realizes we aren't a bunch of farmers :p

    I really want to go get one, especially with my employee accomodation pricing through Best Buy, but I just can't bring myself to do it when there is no 3G in Omaha, and Lawrence is sandwiched between Topeka and KC with absolutely no plan to get 3G anytime soon. Waste of money for me
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    When I lived out there, I slowly saw everything west of 132nd and Dodge move from farmland and corn to where Village Pointe is now! My parents are out on 132nd between Dodge and Blondo. There was absolutely NOTHING out there from '88 till about '97. I could ride my bike down Dodge without a worry! now, I'm scared! :D

    BTW. Omaha will be getting 3G before the end of the year (I'm guessing by November). Uncle of mine who worked on the 3G rollout in Oklahoma City mentioned that to me when I asked. I'd expect it to go out as far as Lincoln to the west, Fremont to the north/northwest, about 30 minutes north (maybe Blair), Council Bluffs to the east, and maybe all the way down I-29 to St. Joseph where it connects to 3G in Kansas City.

    But it is definitely coming.

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    Yessir, I've been holding my iPhone since June 29th, 2007 (as my signature points out.) As a US Navy P-3 Flight Engineer, and metalsmith, (worked with aircraft aluminum for many years) I'm fairly confident in my ability to know aluminum when I feel/hear it. Try this, tap the back of your iPhone with your fingernail, then tap ANY aluminum surface (MacBook Pro case, Mac Pro case, Apple Cinema HD frame, etc) and listen to the difference in the timbre. The back of the iPhone is OBVIOUSLY plastic.
    Regardless, I will be in line for a new one, and from the looks of it, at the Apple Store at Village Pointe, in Omaha, while on my vacation to visit the 'rents. Maybe we'll run into each other.
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    Sorry, to keep harping on this...and I don't want to come across as a jerk but the internet can be a big source disinformation and frustration. Especially if you want to find something accurate in forums. It will really bother me if these boards become such a place.

    Anyway, the move from a metal to plastic back has been a huge story recently. Simply googling the topic will result in a massive amount of information. Here are some sources I found in about 3 min of searching:

    Here is a hands on article from MacWorld (a reliable source) regarding changes from the original iPhone. Midway down you should find the quote:
    “The biggest cosmetic changes are on the back panel, which is now shiny plastic instead of metal.”

    Another article… Towards the end you will find the quote, “Finally, given Apple's decision to ditch the metal case and add a plastic back to the iPhone it will be interesting how this ties with its commitment to producing greener products.”,39024665,39245603,00.htm

    And another. Here you will find the quote "The big difference is its back, which is made of shiny plastic rather than the shiny metal of the old model."

    Here is another description from wikipedia. Again you will find the description “Rear view of an original iPhone. The back is made of metal and black plastic.” (Note: Only the black part is plastic, silver is metal)

    Also, I can't remember where i found it but i have a video of last years keynote where Jobs announces it and he specifically talks about the "gorgeous metal back"

    I can also personally garuntee that it was a metal back because on my previous iPhone I replaced the back myself with a differernt colored metal back that i bought off ebay.

    If your still not convinced call apple support, or visit an apple store and ask any sales staff. Or heck you could even call the village pointe store yourself at (402) 970-4477.

    I hope this has resolved the issue. Again, I do not want to come across as being mean, but i really hate when false information gets spread around message boards.
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    I actually like the new plastic back. I will be getting the white one definitely. I also heard they used the plastic back for better reception and also to cheapen it but it does provide better recepetion.
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    I don't think it has more to do with better phone reception than it does have to do with use of GPS. It's the GPS that would have some issues with the metal back, that plastic would alleviate (so I've read, but hey, this is MacRUMORS!)

    Either way, I'm torn still. don't know if I'd do black or white. Depends on how it looks with me!

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    Me too. ^ At first I definitely thought black (16gb) but the white has been growing on me ever since. Plus, I like the fact that there will be fewer white ones all around and you won't be able to see smudges as much as the black.
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    Nope, you're totally right, and I'm totally wrong- and I made an ass out myself in the process. I apologize to you and others on the board for my mis-info.
    While it sounds ridiculous, I've had the "Invisi-shield" on mine since I bought it, which (obviously) gave it a very plasticy look, sound & feel. I took it off, and immediatly saw the errors of my way. (For what it's worth, the phone looks as good as it did the day I bought it, but the covering had turned a pretty ugly yellow)
    Next time, I'll do a little research before I go shootin' my keyboard off.....
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    Don't sweat it man. We've all had our moments like that. Some more than others, especially in the MacBook Pro forum :p

    We're all still pro-apple though, and nothing we do will make us worse than PC :cool:
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    I have a friend who works at AT&T and he has heard November for 3G.
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    This melds with what my uncle had mentioned, so I'd expect it there by then, if not end of the year.

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    Hey again, I was just wondering if any of you already have AT&T.... how is the coverage here in Omaha? I have heard it is ok but I am switching from Verizon to AT&T for the first time. Thanks! Come on July 11 !!!!!!!
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    Coverage has been great for me every time I've been back home to Omaha. full coverage out as far as Fremont to the west, Seward to the southwest, all the way down I-29 to Kansas City, all the way west to Des Moines, up I-29 to Sioux City, and then some. You should have no problem with coverage at all unless you go out west to somewhere like Valentine or Chadron. Omaha? Pretty much covered.

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    I was in the same boat as you, I switched from Verizon to AT&T. I would say that AT&T in omaha is good but not great. I had Verizon for about 2 years and amazingly had zero dropped calls. However, having had the iPhone for about 3 months I would say that I have about 2-3 dropped calls a week. There are also times when calls will fail on initial attempts. Although, AT&T is not quite as good as Verizon (I think few would dispute this) it is acceptable. And given the amazing capabilities of the iPhone, I don't think you will mind the slight decrease in service.

    I will note that while there are definitely dead zones in omaha with absolutely no service at all (e.g. Target store at 125th & L st), there are also areas where I am surprised to find 4-5 bars. For example a lake near Elkhorn, where I never used to get Verizon service.

    So in sum, as long as your getting an iPhone i would recommend switching to AT&T. But for any other phone - no way.
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    Thanks guys ! Now I am really exicted for July 11 and happy to hear AT&T is good in Omaha, and we will have 3g by the end of the year too....wooohooo!
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    My wife just switched from AT&T to Verizon because she couldn't get a signal most of the time at Bergan-Mercy Hospital. She has to use her phone all the time and it was impossible. A co-worker of hers bought an Iphone and returned it because it was useless in the hospital.

    I've had the occasional dropped call, almost always when I am driving around, never when I'm stationary.
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    Is there any way to get this future 3g coverage info from AT&T? I live in Lincoln and my calls to support and sales were failures. One person even told me Lincoln already had 3g, because she couldn't tell the difference between the blues on the map.

    All I see online is their "many more markets by the end of year!" line over and over.. I've heard people talk about calling to find out when their market will get it... does anyone know where we could get "official" information?

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