Virgin eases in-flight Apple, Dell laptop battery limits

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 22, 2006.

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    elisha cuthbert

    my mums a flight attendant with qantas and they still wont let you run off your battery if you have an apple or a dell laptop, you can only run it off the flight power system without the battery in
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    Nice to show they're being less restrictive, although you never know; those terrorists with the Dell batteries are pretty dangerous. :eek:
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    good. banning all apple/dell laptops is stupid when only a small number were among those at risk and all it takes is a quick look at the serial number. :cool:
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    1. I wouldn't call 4 million dell batteries, 1.8 million Apple batteries ,and 340,000 Tosh batteries a small number.

    2. How many people actually pay attention to recalls? I do work for Dell warranty work. I go to people's homes every day and 1 out of every 3, its something in that ballpark, people who has said battery hasn't contacted Dell to get a new one yet. Remember your average user isn't up on tech news. Most of the people who have heard about the recall were warned by their geeky relatives, neighbors, and general word of mouth.
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    let me rephrase that; small percentage.

    and large number or not; a person knowing about the recall or not; doesn't change the fact that it would only take a couple extra seconds for them(I'm talking about the airlines, not the user) to check the serial numbers instead of just saying "you have a dell or apple, you can't use it"
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    Nice to show they're being less restrictive, although you never know; those terrorists with the Dell batteries are pretty dangerous

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    Since the laptop area is such a BOOMing business they'll have to call off these restrictions some time.

    And what about all of those laptops that are still to develop faults? What if *random company* releases a new laptop and it happens to be the first to explode, IN AN AIRPANE? what then??
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    Yeah, 6M batteries recalled.

    And how many have actually caught fire? I don't think there have been more than 10 incidents worldwide.

    So we're dealing with a hazard that (assuming there have been 10 incidents) is 1-in-600,000. There are other things more dangerous than this that are routinely permitted.

    And then there's the nature of the fault - it's a mechanical manufacturing defect in the cells, not a problem with the charger circuitry. A battery that is going to catch fire will do so whether or not it is installed in a laptop. It may not even matter if the battery is charged.

    This laptop ban is nothing but typical overreaction. It does nothing to improve safety, and inconveniences everybody - passengers and crew alike. But is makes for a nice press release to make the ignorant masses feel like something is being done.

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