Virgin Mobile UK banded Tethering on 24/01/2013

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tracylynton, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. tracylynton
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    Nov 1, 2012
    Just found out that VM UK has banded tethering from 24th Jan 2013

    I was going to move over to them next week, at the moment I'm on Giffgaff but I want to tether with my ipad when out and about.

    Looks like I will have to buy a dongle cause I don't want to get a expensive contract when I only want to tether a few times a year when away in the UK.

  2. Gav2k
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    Jul 24, 2009
    I'm with three on a one plan £25 on a one month rolling contact that includes tethering and unlimited data.
  3. tracylynton
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    Nov 1, 2012
    VM V Giffgaff

    But Giffgaff is 250 min unlimited text 1GB Internet and virgin is 1200 min unlimited text and 1GB Internet for £12 better than £25

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