Virginia Tech Supercomputer reaches 12.25 TeraFlops

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 25, 2004.

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    12.25 teraflops - well they're certainly running along at a fairly brisk clip now, what?

    I can see the promotional slogan now:

    "Apple does more flops per second!"

    "Think different - think more flops"

    urhhm - maybe not...
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    2 extra teraflops with 50 extra nodes and faster chips is a good speed increase. I wonder what the actual speed will be for the Army's supercomputer.

    Can't wait til novemeber to see where VT's computer will rank this nov!!!
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    I wonder how it would run doom 3...
  5. jsw
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    I hear it does OK at 800x600 with the latest beta version of it, but drops below 30fps at higher resolutions. Of course, at 1280x1024, each of the (1100) 6800 Ultra's is responsible for rendering almost a thousand pixels, so you'd expect a bit of a slowdown.

    However, it excels at WCIII.
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    It should still be ahead of any Intel processor-based clusters.
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    Can't wait to see how it does? Last year it had #3, correct? And if I remember (I'm not going to look it up...) #2 was a good distance ahead. So when you guys can't wait to see how it does, is it because we are expecting a few more players to enter the ball park and possibly unseat the VT cluster's #3 spot?

    2 tereflops is wonderful... I just don't remember that being anything huge in the scheme of least as far as ranking goes.

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    Personally I'd like to see them challenge the Earth Simulator's record, which I think is around 25 teraflops. Maybe next year when they release the dual 3GHz xserves :cool: :rolleyes:
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    Unfortunately there are a few more players, and the cluster is trying to hold on to number 5...
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    I'm just surprised no one has tried to incorporate a John Kerry slogan yet! :eek: :p
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    The Earth Simulator is at 35.9 Tflops. top 500 list. But IBMs Blue Gene thing has beaten that and NEC is responding, but I don't know when they will make it to the list.

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