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VirnetX Files Follow-Up Patent Lawsuit Targeting Apple's Latest Products

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Fresh off of a $368 million patent lawsuit victory over Apple regarding virtual private networking (VPN) connectivity used in Apple's FaceTime video calling feature, VirnetX has filed a new lawsuit targeting all of Apple's latest iOS devices and Macs, which were not included in the original lawsuit. The new lawsuit was unearthed by Patently Apple earlier this week, but VirnetX did not announce it until today.
    Apple is expected to appeal the ruling in the original case, and will of course fight the inclusion of its new products in a similar judgment.

    Article Link: VirnetX Files Follow-Up Patent Lawsuit Targeting Apple's Latest Products
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    Another patent troll lawsuit?
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    From what I've read, VirnetX is not a patent troll but they do seem to have patents that should not have been granted in the first place.

    Software patents are a real mess, to say the least.
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    VirnetX need to protect their IP, just like Apple would and does.

    Regardless of Apple, winning or losing, software patents suckass.
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    Good for them. They invented the technology and won a patent for it. And shoul be able to protect it.

    Oh that's right. It's against Apple so it's bad now right?
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    Looks like that 1B from Samsung came in handy LOL :D
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    The group of SAIC employees that formed this "company" is just looking for a big payout by baiting Apple to buy them out in order to own this technology. It may work and it is a pretty bold move, too.

    SAIC has been shedding employees and entire departments this year as money from the No Such Agency's wild spending spree for eavesdropping tech has been dialed back. I am sure these are some of those caught in that downsizing and why not look to capitalize in a big way on this?


    Just a fine point. Patents are not "won" as in a competition. They are granted based on the uniqueness of a product or procedure.
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    How so? Apple hasn't gotten a dime of it yet. And they might not ever get a dime. Too early to tell.

    That being said - Apple should be "ok."

    And for those criticizing VirnetX for going after Apple (again) - it's no different than Apple going after other companies (i.e. Samsung) with additional lawsuits of new(er) devices
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    By "following up" their lawsuit and adding EVERY new Apple product that has come out since filing, they are definitely trolling.
    According to the lawsuit, FaceTime is the "offending" technology, not the hardware. One judgement on the software is sufficient. By going after all of Apple's new products, they are most certainly trolling.

    This is nothing more than a couple of out-of-work SAIC employees hoping to never have to work again.
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    So I assume you believe that Apple shouldn't pursue anything with Samsung based on their implementation of Android then since they've already sued once. Is that right?
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    Ah, was Samsung not required to pay 1B to Apple? Or is that still on-going? I thought the verdict had been reached.
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    It's going through appeals. Not sure what you're asking though. My point was that if Apple can keep going after Samsung's newest models for the same thing and they aren't patent trolls (being called that) then VirnetX shouldn't be called a patent troll.
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    Shakespeare said it best:

    "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

    This whole legal system is costing humanity progress and money off the deep end.

    Reserve patents for inventions - not discoveries, shapes, colours or algorithms.
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    According to 9to5mac they are a patent holding company. does somebody know whether is any truth in that?
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    I believe one lawsuit is sufficient for the software.

    Samsung's hardware is another matter. They blatantly copied the iPhone.
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    I never upvote, but I upvoted you. And I find it sad that nobody else did, but upvoted totally thoughtless posts

    This nailed it and was well written and insightful about SAIC's situation as well
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    LOL! because what? nobody ever did any work to design algorithms? It doesn't take years of research? design? analysis? optimization? People don't build their entire careers on it?
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    No - because algorithms are not novel, 40 people could simultaneously solve the same problem the same way and giving 1 of them permission to sue the other 39 is just plain stupid.

    It also means that it is impossible for anyone to actually write software without being a multi-millionaire.

    I mean - how on earth can I possibly determine if my app is legal or not, if people might have patented some obvious way of doing something ?
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    True story! You would need to employ a whole staff to determine the risk of patent infringement, or you could hope that your app never reaches any mainstream usage so the patent holders won't notice that you have infringement their patent.
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    Obligatory pointing out...

    Yeah, that was said by some characters that wanted to overthrow a government. They knew that Lawyers understood the legal system, and by offing them first, no one would know if what was being done by the characters was legal.

    So you're saying get rid of the whole legal system so we have nothing to use? I guess we could just duel.
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    Yeah, it is trolling. Sort of like how one company keeps going after all of Samsung's products, even after a suit done. Which company would do that? Hmm, I dunno. :apple:
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    Not so fast; They haven't received any money yet, and probably won't for quite a while yet, if ever, because it's under appeal. Secondly, that whole judgement against SAMSUNG may be set aside, as there are now questions about the jury foreman's disclosures or rather lack thereof, during the jury selection process. http://www.macrumors.com/2012/11/09...ons-on-jury-foreman-in-samsung-v-apple-trial/
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    Patent trolling is generally understood to be a company that owns patents and does nothing with them except collect fees or file lawsuits. Apple is actually making iPhones, so they are not "trolling" when they defend related patents. They may still be annoying with the number of lawsuits, so call it something else.

    IDK if VirnetX is trolling or defending IP they actually use.
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    What do you call it when you chain weights on the ankles of 10 lawyers and throw them into the ocean?.....Answer....A good start. :)
    PS... There are some decent hard working Lawyers out there. Sorry, I'm not talking about you.

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