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Resolved Virtual Desktops (solved)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by HiDeHo, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. HiDeHo, Mar 28, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013

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    Have a query about Virtual desktop feature.

    one thing that I would like to see is some decent testing running virtual desktops. I typically have 6-7 desktops and i set things up like this.
    1. web browsers
    2. chat applications
    3. wordprocessing
    4. music/video
    5. photo editing.
    6. Gaming
    7. finder.

    one weird thing i notice is that whenever i reboot finder always jumps to desktop 7 to Desktop 2 and other desktops jump up one number.I dont know why that is. its a bug I guess. Finder should be open on the desktop i set it to like any other apps.

    My setup is........
    Macbook Pro: Octber 2011 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory: 4 GB 1333MHz DDR3
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
    Software: OSX 10.68.3 (12D78)
    Hard drive: 500 GB
    Physical Drive:
    Media Name: ST9500325ASG Media
    Medium Type: Rotational
    Protocol: SATA
    Internal: Yes
    Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
    S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified
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    In mission control you can drag and drop your desktop orders and reposition them in the order you want.
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    i found out in the settings for spaces / virtual desktops that by default ordered by usage of apps is set. so i removed that and walla it works properly. before each app desktop was being reordered by how often i used the apps. that was why finder always jumped to desktop 2.
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    That's really good to know. Thanks for posting the update on this.
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    The only thing you could max out would be the RAM and SSD.
    That model should be the 13in model which only has integrated GPU so more RAM could benefit that.
    (meaning your 384MB vRAM can become 512MB with 8GB or 16GB shared)

    The SSD would be a huge jump for applications.
    It would pretty much solve the lags you experience.
    But again those are the only 2 upgrades you could do.
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    what are the other upgrades that can be done. you got me interested now.
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    HDD to SSD, 16GB RAM max (if you had 15in 2.2GHz and up then 32GB), and optibay.
    This is so you can expand your storage either with SSD+HDD setup or SSD+SSD setup.
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    this is a start but i am sure that the 13" mbp can use optibay products will investigate further into this. as the optibay fits in the space left when the cd/dvd drive is removed i assume it is possible.
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    Of course it is.
    All unibody MacBook Pros are possible.

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