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Virtual PC 6.1.1 Updater

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 10, 2004.

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    Microsoft has released version 6.1.1 of Virtual PC for the Mac.

    The new version "addresses security issues and bugs related to running upcoming Windows XP Professional service packs."

    Virtual PC 7 (providing G5 support) had previously been announced for release in the first half of 2004.
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    Re: Virtual PC 6.1.1 Updater

    So I assume no need to install this if you're using anything other than XP in Virtual PC.
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    Even at home, I can never escape the MS Service Packs. Wish they'd hurry up with G5 support, though.
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    I hope VPC 7 comes out soon. I have VPC 5 but it doesn't work for me under Panther for some reason... :(
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    Looks like the beginnings of another slow week on the "rumors" front.
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    This is a bad sign that VPC 7 isn't going to be out for a while. This fixes problems with XP SP2. That was scheduled to come out Q2 2004. I'd like to think that MS is fixing this for all the users that won't upgrade, but it looks to me like it's going to be a while before VPC 7 comes out.
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    Wonder Boy

    at least MS is releasing new things for mac fans. maybe apple should look into doing the same.
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    Well, Apple just had iLife '04 last month which was a major software release, along with FCE 2.0. This month there have already been updates to Safari and Bluetooth in the first week of the month, plus iPod minis are coming in the next week or so. Seems like they're doing a lot more than M$ to me, so let's not get too silly here. Unless waiting until 2006 for the next OS sounds good to you, I think I'll stick with what Apple's doing with their release timetables rather than what M$ is doing with theirs. ;)
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    Hello All

    Keep em coming please, it seems quicker?

    But when XP SP2 comes, will it continue to be quicker.

    I hope a upgrade from VPC 6 to VPC 7 is cheap, and I hope Apple takes note, starts offering upgrade options for more products.
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    i'm impressed with the level of support the project has seen since they took it over.

    Personally i'm really looking forward to 7.0, Connectix started some impressive stuff with 6 and it'll be interesting to see what MS does to improve it
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    I second that
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    Wonder Boy

    i understand your point. nevertheless, there are plenty of us starving for new hardware. i should have been more specific.
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    Well understand that 3 months ago VPC 7 had hardware video support... but Yet again they scrapped it because some games had problems.

    Arg, until we get a better, FASTER VPC its not worth the upgrade since the versions where they DID have hardware video support (I think it was like 3?)

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    are there any tips/tricks on gaining better speed?
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    Perhaps, Apple should introduce virtual hardware to the starving. :D They can probably do that more quickly than getting a manufacturer to dedicate capacity to make new motherboards.
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    Speed tips

    Give as much RAM as you can to VPC. CPU to max. 16bit color in windows. Use classic theme. 1024x768

    VPC 6.1.1 is noticeably fatser than 6.1

    It takes time for everyhting to boot, but once it's up and running, it runs ok (on a 1,25 powerbook with over a gig of RAM) IE 6 is actually quite snappy!

    Don't bother with a G3.
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    Yawn... just bring out VPC 7 with G5 support.
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    Well I guess I'm gonna do it and hope it's all good. <Crosses fingers>
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    Re: Speed tips

    also noticed that when i lowered the page file to the lowest setting (2mb), speed increased.
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    I wonder if they addressed the emulation printer incompatability with Panther?

    My wife is forced to stay with Jaguar since she needs to use her printer as an "emulation" printer with VPC.
    When I first upgraded my iMac to Panther, I spent hours on the phone with MS VPC support trying to set my printer up as an emulation printer. I ended up having to make my printer a "dedicated" printer and having to close VPC to return the printer to the Mac. Subsequent follow up with the VPC team indicated that was a common problem with Panther.
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    Re: Re: Speed tips

    Could you please be a bit more specific about what you mean with "page file settings?"... everything that makes virtual pc better perform I am more than anxious to try out :)

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    Re: I wonder if they addressed the emulation printer incompatability with Panther?

    That problem was fixed with 10.3.2
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    Re: Re: Re: Speed tips

    I'm using Win2000

    Right click on the "My Computer" icon
    "Properties" -> "Advanced" tab -> "Performance Options" -> "Change"
    Set the "initial size" & "maximum size" to 2. click "set."

    i think it then asks you to restart, agree to it. after it boots, you'll get a prompt (probably only until you run an app) about low virtual memory - just ignore it

    Not sure if the following helps, but whenever i install Windows, i ALWAYS do the following:
    also, download Tweak UI. Install it by "right clicking -> install" on the tweakui.inf file. You can find the installed app in the Control Panel. In the "General" uncheck everything

    Its still slow but at least its "decent" speed

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