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Virtual PC 6 is here!

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by iJon, Dec 18, 2002.

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    Virtual PC 6 is now out. It says to have speed increases of 25% in Mac OS X, better back up support, dock intergration. I believe you can mount your hard drives again on the desktop like in version 4. Also increased Video memory if i read correctly. although in the read me it says it still doesnt support 3d accelerated games. but maybe crappy games will fun nicely now. check it out for yourself. appears to be shipping now.

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    OS 10.2.3?

    The VPC Read Me describes OS X 10.2.3.

    So when will this be released??:confused:
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    VPC should have been 25% faster than it is when they released 5.0

    Connectix (aren't they owned by Sony now?) can **** if they want me to pay $100 for an upgrade that is essentially something their software should have been when I paid their outrageous price in the first place....

    anyway... I hope there is more than just a speed increase.

    I'm off to get a hair cut...
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    LOL i found this hillarious for some reason.....:p funny way to end a post gave me a good chuckle.

    Oh by the way i agree with you VPC 5 was awful i didnt even bother to purchase it. I had vpc 4 in os 9 and it ran much better than vpc 5 in OS X.

    I may however have to purchase vpc 6 as i'll be the only mac in an all windows environment this year...
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    nice.... I'll be getting one today too. As I have an interview with Sun tomorrow.
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    WOW this thread has taken quite the turn.....:eek:
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    Please keep the thread on topic! Also, the graphic descussion can be left out. Remember there are a lot of people here under 18. Keep it clean please.
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    as opposed to the various babe desktop pictures.... ;)
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    All that licking should have cleaned up something. Maybe those haircuts should have been just above the shoulders. :D Those under 18 probably know more interesting things than the ones over 18. :D

    It's a little early for Connectix to be bringing out another version. If it's just speed, it's too little for $99. Wasn't the last few $79? Why would this one be worth $20 more? Is dock integration so wonderful? I don't think I want to put Windows applications in my dock anyway. Let's see...better printer support, higher resolution support due to increased video memory. $99?
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    Over Achiever

    Ok....back on topic here :rolleyes:

    What 10.2.3? According to the system requirements found here, it requires 10.2.1.

    However I can see where you're getting the 10.2.3 from ;)

    Cool, 25% speed increase is significant in my book. Anyway, here is a list of the new features.
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    Re: Virtual PC 6 is here!

    The video memory has been increased to 8 MB.
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    Re: Re: Virtual PC 6 is here!

    hmm. i thought it was 8.... was it 4? or 6?

    blah. 8's still too weak.
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    Wake me up when I can play Counter-Strike on my mac. :D
    No please, tell me when a version has real upgrades, I don't care how 'blazin' fast something is if the quality bites
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    hey guys, this isnt much of an upgrade. I still is slow and crappy. windows 2000 runs decently though. i have a dual ghz mdd with 256 ram. personally i dont think it was worth 99 dollars.

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    I think VPC is stupid. It is so damn slow, and it practically serves no purpose. Give me an app that PC has that Mac doesnt *not a game*

    Now, I got a haircut too today! It looks good, really, its like the bset one i ever had.
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    I think it's all right. The speed difference is noticeable, although I get the sense that the final release of 10.2.3 will give it a greater speed bump.

    $99? I don't know. I don't think any of us will know fur sure until the final version of 10.2.3 is released. Who knows how it will be different from the seeded betas...

    As for an app it runs that isn't available on the Mac, the list is long. The primary two on my list are a) the one that accompanies Polar Heart Rate Monitors and b) the Biofeedback software that runs both ThoughtTechnologies and J & J equipment. Unfortunately, the interface the Polar software uses to transfer data from their heart rate monitors doesn't work in Virtual PC. Less important is the treatment database (written in Visual Basic) written for a company I work for.

    Much of the specialized stuff is available only for the PC. These things may not mean much if you're in 8th grade, but they matter in the real world. It's a drag, and I'll never switch, but I may be forced to buy a PC laptop to do some work.

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    DUDE, the video card VPC emulates has been upgraded to 16 MB of Video RAM (VRAM). This really helps games. The app as well as the os is much faster as Connectix advertised, for once. I like the apps in dock thing, other cool stuff too.
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    Re: Ball Licks

    I'll immediately dump my pc if you can provide me with a fully functional microsoft Outlook for macos X. I _need_ to use outlook since our whole university works with it. Without it it would be much harder for me to organize meetings, get email addresses from people on campus, etc.

    -Dr. D.
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    i have a vpc6 on a dual ghz mdd with 256mgs of ram. I am also running 10.2.3 and it doenst feel all that much faster. 2000 rusn quite nice though. I havent played with ti much. i have a pimped out pc so i really dont need this program but i like to have it anyways.

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    As you yourself have pointed out, the actual release of 10.2.3 may be even better than the seeded betas. We can speculate, but no one really knows how well this thing will run on the final release of 10.2.3.

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    Kazaa/Kazaa Lite

    Essential if you want to actually find anything and ever hope to download it, limewire and all the other gnutella clients have far fewer files, even the openNap clients on the mac don't compare to Kazaa and slsk for getting as many files. I'm talking whitelabel electronic tunes, DJ sets and obscure music videos here, not britney mp3s!!

    Fruity loops

    All of them quite cool and not available for the mac, I'm building up my dads old PC purely to run gigasampler on it sometime next year, I can palm off the major cpu overhead of software synthesis on a second machine and get to run more plug-ins on my mac with the extra cpu time I'll have left over. I bject to having to run windows so I might even find a way of running the PC with no monitor so it's more like a hardware sampler.

    VPC can run the filesharing apps and Granulab no problem assuming you don't mind crappy screen redraws. I personally think that I'd pay for a brand new copy of VPC with XP once I've got a faster mac. It's handy to have.
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    if there will be only 8 megs of vram, then it'll probably be as fast as my pc, since it only has 8 mb of vram :(, that and a slow processor...

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