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virtual pc not seeing external hd

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gokhan, Sep 29, 2004.

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    I have been converted to macs for some time now but there is a problem which might make me go back to the good old pc.

    U see i brought a 120 gb maxtor hdd and formated it in my playstation 2 so i could use it in there to play games , now with a pieace of software called win hip i have got you are meant to see a ps2 formated hardrive which os systems can't in xp .

    i am using a usb to ide cable to connect this hd to my powerbook via virtual pc 6 and xp on virtual pc is not detecting the drive neither is the software but it works fine on pc.

    before i start up virtual pc i select usb settings and see usb to ide device in there and enable it but still no go .

    any help please

    save me from the pc

    please !!!!
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    i don't know about VPC6 but in 7 you can choose 'shared' folders... like external drives etc... and then you can see all the drives (I see my internal drive and the external FW drive in it...)
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    so the answer is v.pc 7

    i dont really want to buy anymore microsoft stuff after the way i have been treated by thier tech people , dont even wanna use my pc but looks like i have to at the mo !!!

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    I have VPC6.0. This has the options to share folders. Start up Virtual PC. On the window that has the 'Virtual PC List' select which PC system you are wanting to run (for me it is Windows XP Professional). Next, in the same window, click 'Settings'. This will bring up another window with all of the settings for your Virtual PC setup. In this windoow click 'Shared Folders'. To the right it will bring up 'Shared Folder Settings'. Underneath that click 'Share Folder'. This will allow you to choose whichever folder you want (as long as it is recognized by your Mac. It will also let you name that folder as a drive on VPC (mine is Drive Letter: Z: ). Be sure to click 'Share every time' also or you'll have to set this up every time you start up VPC. I'm not sure about recognizing external drives, but it should allow you to if your Mac does. VPC recognizes all of my partitioned drives on my PowerBook. Hope this helps.

    Oh yeah, before VPC6 would let me do this I had to 'Install Virtual PC Additions'. This is in your PC environment under 'Start - All Programs - Virtual PC Additions'.
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    my mac wont initialize the drive beacuse its playstation formated

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