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Virtual PC ...

Discussion in 'Games' started by macmunch, Jun 5, 2002.

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    Do you think when i would have a G4 with 1.33 GHz
    some DDR RAM

    OS 10.2 (Quartz extreme)
    Radeon 8500

    and the updated Virtual PC for 10.2

    Can I than have a chance to emulate Games Like FIFA 2002
    or others ? (Counter Strike)

    Games Like UT or Q3 i dont neeed to emulate they are on the Mac but the games wich are not i want to play ...


    Or must I waait till G5

    what do you think guy ?
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    All I can say is...

    ...Fat chance.

    Until Connectix finally integrate some form of DirectX driver into VPC so that we can use our wonderfully powerful graphics cards, instead of currently only producing the graphics via software emulation, we have only 2 hopes -

    No hope, and Bob Hope.

    Better still, wait for the games to come out on the Mac anyway.
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    The answer there is no. The reason is because VPC doesn't have any emulated 3D graphics support. Nor will it anytime in the near future. If you really want to play PC titles that bad, then go pick up a cheap PC from Hell or Screwway. I am not attacking you for this. In fact I have considered it, but that is the only way to play PC titles in your house. VPC will not be able to do it.
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    Red Alert?

    Does anyone know if the games from the Command and Conquer series will work in VPC? More specifically, I'm interested in playing Red Alert 2 and the Yuri's Revenge Expansion. Both games only require 2MB of VRAM and NO hardware acceleration is necessary. Has anyone ever tried this out?
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    if you wana play it that badly

    pick up a dirt cheap pc for like 200 bucks.
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    Re: if you wana play it that badly

    I have a PC, that is why I own the game. When I go back to college in the fall the only computer I will be able to bring with me is the tibook I plan to buy before I go. If anyone would like to make a helpful response I'd really appreciate it.
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    Re: Red Alert?

    As long as it's 2-D I don't see why you'd have a problem. C&C, WC, and SC aren't very gfx heavy.

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    Re: Red Alert 2

    If there's no hardware acceleration, I can't see a problem. Get a demo download first, before you fork out some dosh on the real game - just to check if the specs are suitable.

    I've been quite taken with Cossacks: European Wars - I can play it on my G4 Cube at home (albeit slowly). I run Win 98 in VPC 5, but haven't optimised it for the Mac (i.e. running in OS9 rather than OSX is faster, as is streamlining the extensions). Some threads in this forum may be able to help you with the dynamics of speeding up VPC 5.

    Otherwise, you have a few other options:

    1. Petition the game manufacturers to port the game to the Mac
    2. Buy a Wintel Laptop (ugh!)
    3. Abstain from gaming and join a monastery
    4. Buy the TiBook and play Medal of Honour instead

    Good luck!:D
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    Tiberium Sun is playable on VPC 5 (under OSX). I think its better than Red Alert 2! Those Lightning generators are absolute *******.
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    well... Counter-Strike does have software acceleration so... maybe, just maybe hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

    i want to talk to connectix, and ask for a job their to reroute x86 OpenGL --> OS X OpenGL, that way, we could play hardware accelerated opengl games :)
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    Try this it would be funny !

    Guys I just tryed on a G4/500 OS9 with Virtual PC 4 emulating FIFA 2001 its function very well /16MB ATI RAGE

    So i think there is no problem with newer Power Macs
    ant a Geforce4 TI

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    Virtual PC does not use the graphics boards in your Mac to speed up emulation. Until Connectix addresses this problem, many games will remain unplayable - and therefore remain in the realm of the PC users...:(
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    Any game that doesn't require a lot of 3D acceleration works on Virtual PC. I use it to play Roller Coaster Tycoon and Star Trek Armada. Armada gets about 1 or two frames per second though. But it's still fun. Anyone know which is the best windows os for games?
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    lol, 1 or 2 fps??? have you ever seen 1 or 2 fps??? thats 60frames per minute... really... thats VERY UNPLAYABLE... you probally mean like 10-20fps.
  15. job
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    Think 1-2 FPS = Slide-Show.... :D :p
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    cs sux now anyways. all the good players left the game to the hackers. the only way it stays around is for the LAN competition.
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    if you can get a copy of realpc, then you can have 3d graphix, thats is if you have a spare pci slot for a voodoo graphix card
    it sure beats buying a PC though :)
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    Possibly an option?

    It's a shame that FWB haven't upgraded Real PC. It was really geared to gaming - could you imagine if it was carbonised, with nVidia and ATI support? It would be a jem.

    I've already mentioned it in another post, but no-one replied with an explanation:

    A while ago, some software developers created a way to use Microsoft's latest DirectX drivers to co-habitate with the Mac, and use it's graphics cards - a big boost for companies who port games to the Mac. If Connectix utilised that method, then wouldn't that work?

    Here's hopin'... :)
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    Re: VPC

    The one right behind the computer, in just the right spot to kick the heXPee box out of... :D

    I have win2k installed on my game peecee, and it works for all current games, and even some of the older ones. I refuse to 'upgrade' to heXPee for a few reasons. Not the least of them the cost. I don't see the need to pay $200 to go to a slightly newer perversion of windblows. IF they offered a $20 'upgrade' I might consider it.

    If you are buying a game system, from someplace like AlienWare, get them to toss 2k onto it. Do everything you can to avoid heXPee, ESPECIALLY the 'home' version. If you don't give m$ the info they require to register the home perversion, after 30 days, you have an expensive door stop.

    Just another example of how m$ is an evil empire.
  20. guv
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    Re: VPC

    id say win 98. mainly because win2k donset hav OpenGL support, which as far as me and my computer studies class need to plan Quake3 over the LAN in our school! plus win2k gives us less access privilages so we have trouble with it, and hate it, and im the only mac user out of 13 guys! its a bastard since theyr newer computers and more prowerful which would be better for our games for quake, half life, etc, if we cud accutuly use them...

    also, n1 read thethread bout how a 1.5Ghz G4 is just as powerful as a 2.36Ghz P4... then how cum almost all software asks for the same specs for mac and pc??
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    Yes... but...

    Is it possible to use map editors under VPC (UT, Q3, RTCW, MOHAA, and in the future maybe UT2003)?
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    Re: Re: VPC

    Bullsh*t... I am using OpenGL under win2k. :p
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    Re: Yes... but...

    Who knows, unless you get the peecee version of the games, and put them under the VPC part of your Mac.

    Personally, I wouldn't use VPC, period, for anything.
  24. job
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    Re: Re: Yes... but...

    As far as I know it was once (sic) possible for you to run UnrealEd through VPC. I have this now outdated link to an old Unreal Tournament website that had step by step instructions on how to strip down VPC to run UED. However, http://www.planetunreal.com/macosx/ does not seem to work anymore :(
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    Re: Re: VPC

    Since when???? I have never seen it... Mac has always had less requirements and that is FAR more showing now

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