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Viruses who's had one

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mac15, Jan 24, 2002.

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    On the mac platform you never encounture many viruses if any at all
    But who has ever gotten a virus
    I haven't :D :D
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    I have...

    oh wait... that was on my peecee.. :eek:
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    Never In a way

    I have one that a friend put on my computer that ramdomly types a message in Word and IE but thats all never had any of those nasty one that are all but extinct.
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    the closest I've ever seen of a Mac virus was a worm.....
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    one from a floppy I got from a friend a long time ago
    another from a file I got from a friend, 666. luckily I saw it in the extensions folder somehow, zipped it, removed the .zip extension, then got norton to clean up the damage before removing it from the system.

    other than that, I've had nothing else in 3 or 4 years of online time
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    hello... newman.

    I got one back in the days of system7.

    MS Word macro-virus. Didnt do much damage.

    That must'a been, oh... 7 or 8 years ago?
    ...back when 20MB hard drives cost $400+
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    It's been a while...

    I used to see a fair number of them back when I worked in OSU's computer labs. And, of course, there was that CD-ROM startup file worm from a few years ago. But, I must say, that my personal machine has never been infected.
  8. abe
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    I've had 1 (Mac)virus between 1988 and 2002 ...

    Even working with PCs, I always open and read my mails with a Mac. So I can see the infected mails with PC-viruses but they don't hard my Macs ... I love my Macs :)
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    I had one

    Yeah, i had one. Wait up, that was just bad memory. Sorry, no problemos here!
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    Never. And I even opened a couple of the virus emails before...not smart...but hey...it didn't do anything...
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    Re: hello... newman.

    we (well, me and 3 others) got smacked with a powerpoint/excel macro virus just before christmas resulting in the loss of 8 months worth of data.:mad: Id recommend checking out the 3 security updates at M$ for mac Office.
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    NOPE on this side of the atlantic

    nope .. no viruses on my macs ... i got hit though on my pecees .... shtoopid nimda %&#$@

    and i'm not even using antivirus on the mac ... but then again ... the FORCE may be with me ....
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    hip hip .. happy postday eyelikeart! you're 800!

    (don't you have a job?) ;-)
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    In about 15 years of using a mac I have never had a virus!!! However, whilst using a pc as well this year I have had 4 of them!! (I dont use a pc out of choice)
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    no viruses

    No viruses on any mac in our office for at the least four years.

    Even GONER and NIMDA didn't effect any macs.
    Plenty of PCs in loggin in to our network have.....
    PEECEE administrators missed to update their antivirusprogs.

    to bad.

  16. Six
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    On my school's dells, we get warning about every 2 weeks about viruses... i guess our school was hit badly with a couple viruses last year and the year before... i remember the "bubbleboy" threat.. blah..

    As far as all my macs at home, since i've used since i was a wee child, i have never once had a virus.. I dont even have any anti virus programs, its great! :)

    As far as other viruses.. I had this bad rash once............
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    Ensign Paris

    yyyeeeee no! Never had a virus! (CEPT ON SCHOOls and works PCs!
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    Re: hooray!

    thank u :D

    and yes I do have a job....however I'm in front of a computer all day long and have dsl internet. One reason Macs are great is the ability to multi-task....

    he he he....
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    Back in 7.1 I accedintally let an nVIR A run loose on my computer... dispatched a couple of programs that were infected without me knowing about it...
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    Re: Re: hooray!

    yo ...m8 ... i'm sitting all day in front of two computers ... DSL and T1 ... but still ... i only got some lousy 25up posts .... ts ts ts

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    I had one once in about 1988, I think that was even pre system 7.
    Can't even remeber what it was called.:D It may have been nVirA or something like that.
    I get .scr .exe .com .bat attachments sent to me now and again. And I just smile to myself.
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    I have only gotten one virus and that was from an Aleph One download. I didn't actually notice it until I saw a notice on the website. All it did was install little resource forks in my files.
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    Viruses are out there for mac too

    I got hit with the Cornell virus and a wide variety of other viruses a few years ago - nothing like the PCs on our network now though. We have industrial strength filtering and anti-virus and the PCs still get hit with viruses. Office macro viruses are the biggest problems for Macs lately, usually originating from a PC user :).

    I worry that OSX is potentially quite a bit more vulnerable to all sorts of attacks so I run behind a firewall at home.
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    Got one, once

    Back in High School (1990-91 ish) I was teacher's aide for an Electronics class. We had a Mac Plus or something that was in an office area and I popped in one of my many floppies and the virus scanner caught something on it.

    First time I ever had any virus on my disks/files. I don't even remember what it was or how I got it. More than likely it was from the user group file sharing disks my dad always got (back befor the Internet/AOL were common online storage systems).

    Other than that I have never unintentionally gotten any virus, worm, trojan or backdoor.

    I do have a collection of many vintage virii and accidentally launced an infected SimpleText and corrupted some System files a few years ago. I guess its a good thing I don't work with Anthrax or Ebola.

    I also have the sources to Disinfectant, the only virus protection program I have ever used (not that I needed it).
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    No viruses for me

    10 years, over 10 Macs, no viruses... :)

    I do remember MacAddict had that auto-load CD-virus on their monthly CD once, but I never bought that edition.... Sorry MacAddict, ;)

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