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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by lucky al, Oct 19, 2005.

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    Lmao. :D
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    Priceless... :D
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    smashing :D
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    i want that as my desktop so i can laugh all day long :D
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    "Windows Vista brings clarity to your world"

    Yup, after seeing that: switch to the Mac.

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    (fake - Vista removed the Blue Screen of Death for good... although different types may be there.)

    Ha that reminds me when Bill Gates was showing everyone Windows 98 and POOF! Blue Screen...
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    I dont understand how the whole software process works, but you would think, Bill has all that money, why not get someone to make it work right, Apple did it.
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    Orlando Furioso

    IRC the BSoD was changed to a "Red Screen of Death" (RSoD).
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    Good find!!

    It has been emailed to all of my windows users.

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    LOL i've done the same, BTW cool Avatar,
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    They may polish ****, but all you get is a shiny piece of polished ****. In this case an even prettier Blue Screen of Death. Some things never change.
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    I think even funnier than the probably fake blue screen of death...

    The poster. "Experience Vista - Check your email, browse the web."

    Wow. Who knew you could do *that* in Vista? :D

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