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VLC Gains iPhone, iPod Touch Compatibility

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Applidium today announced that its VLC Media Player application has gone universal, adding compatibility for the iPhone and iPod touch to the iPad version released last month.
    VLC is a popular open source media player for the Mac and other platforms, offering compatibility with a wide array of video formats. The VideoLAN team behind VLC offered its blessing to Applidium in that group's efforts to bring the application to iOS devices.

    Article Link: VLC Gains iPhone, iPod Touch Compatibility
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    Awesome!!! :D Been waiting for the official version to finally come to the iPhone!
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    Now if I can figure out how to point this thing to my Mythbox, I'm all set!
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    If you have to upload files into VLC via iTunes what is the point? Why wouldn't you just play with the iPod application instead?
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    Because VLC will (ostensibly) play a lot larger selection of formats than the iPod application will. You don't have to import the files into iTunes- you just use the file transfer capability (Apps tab, scroll down to the bottom and the apps that make use of the file transfer protocols are listed in a box at the bottom) to get the files onto the device.
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    It's working great on my iPhone 4 with .avi files.

    Now I just need a good armband so I can work out with P90X playing on my arm! I don't have to be in front of the TV anymore!
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    I see now, thank you.

    However, it would still be nice to be able to play videos over the internet. Was thinking of just copying the URL into VLC and bam, there you go.
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    I wonder if this will work with AirPlay to the new Apple TV once that goes live? I would just be happy if VLC player on Snow Leopard/Lion would work with AirPlay. I have a lot of movies that are in formats incompatible with Quicktime.
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    Oh, that would certainly be welcome. It's kind of annoying to not be able to test it out until I get home and can connect it to my laptop there vs. being able to download files from the internet (upload them to MobileMe and then down to the iPhone, for example.

    I'm definitely curious to see how it works with certain things... unfortunately from what I've heard it doesn't work well/at all with subtitled MKVs, so it likely won't be all that useful for me compared to AirVideo...
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    No Love for iPhone 3G :(
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    installed but...

    <oops> I figured out my audio problem. Works great! :)
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    So this only produces sound through an external source or am I missing something? If that's the case then it's kinda stupid :(
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    not powerful enough to handle many of the formats... They probably don't want people to give them bad reviews because of things like lag when the problem comes not from the app but from the weaker hardware. You can still download the fake one from cydia if you want (is called vlc4iphone)...
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    It was great that a little while back the iPhone Netflix app added support for the video out cable. Is there any word on weather or not VLC works with video out?
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    I'm using a BRAND NEW ipod touch that I got less than 2 months ago, and vlc says it's not compatible with my device! WTH?! It's one of the 8 GB ipod touches that Apple offers as a september laptop special, but still, that's no excuse! This is a brand spankin new device, and this SHOULD work. Either Apple is being a real S.O.B. and only giving away gimped devices without being up front about it, or VLC is excluding these device for no great reason. Either way, I'm pissed.
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    Im actually surprised how well this works. I wasn't sure if the quality was going to be acceptable, but I have been proven wrong. This is going to make those long train journeys more bearable (just have to hope the battery lasts).
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    If it was the same EDU deal I got a Touch from earlier this year then it was the old model Touch. This was before the iPhone 4 and new Touch came out - so now those gimme Touch's are 2 generations behind, putting them in the same boat as the 3G. Sorry for the bad news :(

    Trailing thought...
    I imagine they ran that promotion to get rid of what they knew would soon be obsolete inventory. I bought my MBP almost a month before they announced that promotion but decided to try and get myself grandfathered in. The Apple CSR was more than happy to send me one. Granted this was my first system purchase from Apple, but I was more than a little surprised by their willingness to include my purchase (not that I'm complaining my any means :) )
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    downloaded. can't wait to try it out when I get home this evening as all my shows and most movies are in avi format.
    If airplay can work this to stream content to ATV, that might push me over the edge to buy one.
    And if I understand it correctly, you put/store avi content on your iphone/ipad, right? you're not simply streaming it from your computer.
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    Correct. It's stored on the idevice.
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    No 1st Gen Support????????????

    AAAAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Great, now if I could only get a working iPad version.
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    rawr :rolleyes:
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    It probably wont work with AirPlay, because airplay just re-directs the A/V streams from the iPhone/iPad to the ATV. The ATV can't decode/playback avi's and all the formats that VLC can play. But something that should work with AirPlay is the AirVideo app. It also, let's you play any video format, but it streams it to your ipad/iphone. It has a little server app that you load on your mac/windows and it does a live conversion of any media you have and streams it to your iDevice. It works really really well and the quality is amazing.
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    Why all the videos in the sshot have a maximum of 480 or 320 lines, like non-retina displays?

    Does this release actually take advantages from the 960x640 resolution, or it just decodes in 480x320 for 3GS and 3rd gen. Touch and upscales on iPhone 4 and 4th gen Touch?
    I mean, on Retina displays it should go on a "full screen mode" anyway, since divx videos have a maximum width of 720 pixels (on 960 horizontals), but on "old" displays it is going to scale down, i suppose.

    I'm going to buy a 4th generation iPod Touch and i'd like to know, because i'm planning to use this on it... maybe it's just a stupid question, but iPads have just one resolution now (1024x768), other iOS devices actually two.

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    The video I put on the app (624x352 px, 16:9 ratio) seems to be uneven—the black bar above the picture is bigger than the black bar below the picture. Also, I can't double tap to fit the picture to screen. Lame.

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