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vniow #1

Discussion in '1,000,000 Post Contest' started by vniow, Aug 13, 2004.

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    Eh, why not.

    Maybe someone will eventually figure out what it is.




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    can someone let me know when they do please :D
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    Don't panic


    easy: vniow holding a liquid cage containing a dancing bird-woman
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    Holy crap, no one's ever going to get it!
  5. jsw
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    Well, I don't know about the rest, but the outline shape in the middle is clearly a broken turkey wishbone.
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    This is clearly the logo from the forthcoming "The Partridge Family: Space Odyssey 2055". Clearly.
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    Mr. Anderson

    sorry, its abstract - it could be a number of things....and taunting us to try a figure it out is quite silly :D

    Just be done with it and let us know

  9. jsw
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    No - I think we can crack it. In addition to the wishbone, the outer elements are obviously warped chopsticks, of the kind you'd get with a take-out Chinese meal - you can see that they're still attached at their tops.

    So, wishbone, warped chopsticks... clearly there's a food theme. And that does - as Don't panic mentioned - look like a bird in the middle. I just don't know what's behind the bird. A snake? An 'S'? Bird excrement? A lightning bolt?

    Is this a pro-vegan statement? Not sure... but continuing to delve into it.
  10. jsw
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    But how do you explain the chopsticks? I'd buy the Partridge Family idea - it explains the bird, the bird excrement (indicative of the quality of the show), and the wishbone - symbolizing both the hopes and the shattered dreams of the family itself. But I just can't figure out how the chopsticks fit into it. What are they warped by? Water? Gravity? Mental forces?

    I just can't make it all fit together.
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    Its part of a full body tattoo design I'm working on. Its quite incomplete but I think I'm done on this part which will go on either shoulder eventually. Since I'm horrible with 3D images, I'm designing this on a 2D surface which makes it hard to figure out how I'm eventually going to connect what I have now with this part which is why this particular design is seperate and not viewable on the full size pic below.

    You can view a rough draft of what I have so far in design here.
  12. jsw
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    Cool! Do you have any ink currently, or are you just going all-out with your first tattoo? Very impressive - though parts look like they might be a bit uncomfortable to have done. Any way we could see (the publicly viewable portions of) the finished product?
  13. jsw
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    Also, you've got some serious shading going on there, as well as fine detail. Do you have an artist in mind that's skilled enough to do it?
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  15. jsw
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    Absolutely - especially here:

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    Haha, no way am I going all out in one setting and I don't have any ink in met yet, only metal. I can't even stand getting more than about two sort of invasive piercings at a time, when I had my nipples done there was no way I was going in for any others anytime soon! I'm probably going to do it in sections which is why several parts of it are almost but not quite connecting which goes along with the theme for the whole thing. Its all abstract, there are no regocnisable objects on it (except for a couple, the design around my navel is one and the thing extending off of that on the left side is made up of the word "queer", heavily modified so its not visible as a word anymore) although many parts were made up of letters.

    Certainly. By the time I'm starting off with it I'll be able to afford a camera as well so expect another picture whore thread by me in a few months or so.

    Honestly I haven't looked around for any places yet. There's one that I've got in mind but there's also a couple other pretty good local shops here that I've been considering. Its still in the design stages and I don't think I'm ready to go for it quite yet, especially since I'm broke. I over did it quite a bit since tattoos are hard with fine detail and shading like you said, its not quite going to look like that when I get it done but I decided to overdo it to get the effects and the designs I want.

    Only for a bit....
  17. jsw
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    They do some amazing work - the gallery is impressive.

    Now, admit it: there was no way anyone was going to guess what your 'tar was without you telling us.... And, blind that I am, I can't find it in the tattoo pic - where is it? Sort of like "Where's Waldo", I guess....
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    Hee hee... Its not in there because:

  19. jsw
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    Ah, yes. I even read that when you posted it. Time for nappies....
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    I think that it's because as you said, a work a progress. It shows that you have put a lot of thought into this project. Will be interesting to see the final design.
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    There's only 1 bit of ink that I want on my body... And it looks a lot like this:

    Yes, I want to have tighty whities tattooed on my 'nether region'.

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  22. jsw
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    <delete - dumb...>
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    So was the purpose of this thread to make us guess what the picture was, or was it to show off your tattoo design? I think it was the second one.
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    It was also an avatar contest submission beleive it or not.

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