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Volkswagen unveils new Concept T Crossover at 2004 Detroit Auto Show

Discussion in 'Community' started by clubmedia, Jan 5, 2004.

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    I dunno, looks ok, I think they should go with this though...

    The W12

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    the first one kind of looks like the warthog from halo
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    I like edesignuk's better.

    The first one looks like the VehiCross, which was discontinued after a short, unsuccessful run. The driver's view out the front is very poor; it looks like he would be hitting a lot of shopping carts and other objects.
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    It kind of reminds me of a toad. The futuristic doors are nice.

    The car that is posted by edesignuk, looks like a very sleek race car. It appears that red is a very popular color.
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    dammit! I knew it looked familiar!

    but anyway, I do like it, but, it looks to stylized if you know what I mean. Like everyone would love it for a few months, it'd be very cool to drive about in...then everyone would get sick of it (as with all fashions) and you'd never be able to sell it!
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    jeez. talk about midlife crisis cars.
    What a contrived, convoluted, ridiculous thing.
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    VW produce some really interesting design studies, yet when it comes to building production cars, inevitably they're the most boring, bland things on the road...

    it's quite incredible really, just look at the 2004 Golf.... :rolleyes: the only thing which looks as bland is the 2004 Vauxhall Astra which looks alittle too similar to both the '04 Golf and current Corolla.... :eek: :p bland, boring, and dated even before they're released.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Actually, have you seen a Tuareg? They're not all that bad looking, inside and out.

    Also, I'd not call the new Beetle bland ;)

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    It's a good thing they're called "concepts." In a lot of cases, they're hideous. :eek:
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    There's nothing inherently wrong with the Touareg, although isn't exactly oozing design innovation, it's smart enough, but very bland aesthetically, bit boring....

    The new Beetle is a good example what VW could do, the same with the MicroBus that is due into production, but these are specialty products, with a limited target market, VW's mainstream models just lack that something....
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    I don't see the whole exterior of my Golf while I'm driving, so it's not even a concern. :D It's how it feels that matters.

    I like the first concept but it may grow old too quickly. The second concept looks more like something they planned for Bentley.
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    See if the Bentley had have looked like that, then that would have been great.... instead VW weaved their considerable 'dullness' :eek: :p :p and created the current Coupe instead, a design which looks like it should sport a MG/Rover badge... :eek: :p :p :p
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    seeing as vw now has the rights to lamborghini via audi i wouldn't be surprised to see that concept rebadged as one.
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    heh, i don't care how bland the golf looks like.

    just give me a r32 golf with it's 3.2l VR6 engine (240hp.) in a car that size...*drool*

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    Except better looking...

    Why can't the designers making the concept cars work on the production models too...some of these are awesome...and the "Warthog" would be really cool if it handled like the one in Halo. Maybe if I flip it I can turn it over by hand too. That'd be nice.
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    Not possible as the W12 concept predates the RR-Bentley split.

    It was unveiled in 1998, I think.
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    Are yes, the W12, with how many camshafts? 8 or 4:confused:. Quite an interesting development in conventional engine design.

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    I say bring on the concept T prototype.

    We have enough race car looking cars.

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    I would say four since the VR6 has two and the W12 isn't much more than two VR6 engines.
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    I hadn't heard it was going into production. Are you sure?

    That would be sweet. Daddy (me) wants to avoid a minivan at all costs.
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    it isn't bland... it is however a concept.... ;)

    My earlier point stands, VW produce superb design studies and concepts, yet this hardly ever (exception being the new Beetle which is a specialist retro-niche model anyway) filters down into production models... their current range is just........ alittle grey. :eek: :p

    As for the R32.... wouldn't you rather have an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA with one of the worlds greatest sounding V6 engines punching out 250BHP and a Lambo Muria inspired interior....?? serious pedigree ;)
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    Alfa Romeo! Argh! None of the really good sports cars make it to the US. It's a euro-conspiracy! When I was a kid I always wanted an MGB or an MGB-GT.

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