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VPN sharing

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by sunenj, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I have a MBP with OS 10.8.3, and would like to share its VPN (connected via airport) with my PC ( Windows 7 Enterprise ) connected to the MBP with ethernet.
    The VPN is for work, and in order to even login to windows on the PC, it needs to be at my work place --- or, I was hoping, virtually there by using VPN via my MBP.
    I tried internetsharing, under sys pref, but haven't been successful.
    Any tips?
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    You can not connect a PC directly to a PC like that, that is the problem.

    Now, just an example, if you connect the Mac with an ethernet cable to the access point and then share that wired connection over Airport it will work.

    If you have a cheap router lying around you could put that in between the PC and Mac, that will work.
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    pc to pc?

    Thanks for your reply!
    I am surprised by that - what is internetsharing with setting "to computers using ethernet" for then?
    My windows doesn't have wifi interface unfortunately.
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    Is there anyway I can use my router for both networks if it has several ports? I.e. use both to connect wirelessly to my mac, and to bridge my mac and my pc (with the router in between)?
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    Hmm, don't think you can, you know, a wireless card for a PC is cheap.
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    Yes, but the question is whether it will be able to install and logon to my network without me being able to login to windows.:confused: I would think not.
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    If you want to use that VPN then I think there are only two solutions.

    1. Connect the Mac with an ethernet cable to the router/access point and share that connection to the PC over Airport, a wireless card in the PC is needed.

    2. connect the Mac with Airport to the router/access point as you do now, then have a router behind the Mac, connect the Mac and the PC to it, then share the VPN to the Ethernet connection, an extra router is needed.

    Don't think there is any other solution than the above.
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    Thanks for your help! I solved essentially using your 2nd suggesting by logging on to my neighbours network.... then I could use my own router to connect the two pc's.

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