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VueScan: highly recommended

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by anthonymoody, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Note I have no connection to these guys beyond being a very happy customers.

    I just wrote a post about this on my blog, but honestly the app works so well that I want to shout from the rooftops. Scanning directly to my iPad is one of the few remaining things I've had to rely on my iMac to accomplish.

    No more.

    I happily paid for VueScan, and my household iMac is one step closer to being retired so I can use my iPad alone.

    I only need to scan a few times a year, but when I need to, I need to. There may be other apps which do this, and perhaps do it well, but VueScan just works. Highly recommended.
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    I can't speak for the iPad app, but I have an old copy (several major point releases ago) of the VueScan software for my PC. It worked extreamly well, producing better colors then the native scanner software.
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    Yup I didn't realize until I'd found the app that the company started life making desktop software (and still does). I may take a look at it as I hate the HP software, and Image Capture 'works' though doesn't wow me.

    That said, my hope is that I really don't do any more scanning directly on the Mac itself :)
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    To the OP: Thank you so much for pointing this app out to me. I downloaded the free version to make sure it would work with my HP all in one and as soon as I opened the app, it found my HP. Scanned a document flawlessly.

    No more need for a computer in this regard. So sweet!
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    Pretty cool right? Sort of funny to get so excited about something that Apple should have provided out of the box...but I am very happy about it nonetheless!
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    I had been using VueScan on my desktops and 3 or 4 years now. I found it works far better than the software that comes with the printers, and maybe more importantly, it works consistently no matter which printer I use. I found it so useful, that I upgraded to the Pro version with lifetime updates.

    The mobile app brings that same level of functionality and consistency to the iPad. It worked with my older Canon printer, and when that died, it worked just as well with my new Epson.
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    I thought about buying this so I could use my Scanjet 4670. But my understanding is this would not work anyway, since the driver has been orphaned by HP. Pity, this is the coolest scanner I've ever seen and all other scanners pale by comparison. I had to keep a Windows PC just to use this scanner.
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    VueScan shows the ScanJet 4670 as a supported scanner and is free to try. Here is the listing of what is and is not supported. You can maybe determine from that if it is worth your time in trying it. No Lion support for the ScanJet 4670 however.
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    Wow that's devotion!
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    Like I said, I really like that scanner. This is the second time I've had a scanner become "orphaned", the first was an Epson SCSI scanner. Also a really nice scanner. For the Epson I blame reality, who knew SCSI port devices would obsolete like that? Just because the cables were as thick as a garden hose and the plugs were the size of Matchbox trucks? But there is no reason for the Scanjet, that is just HP refusing to update the drivers. Does every single Scanjet printer REALLY have its own unique driver? I doubt it.
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    Yup I hear you. Wondering - what is it about the scanner that is especially satisfying? Btw I'm not a big fan of my HP 7780. When scanning - but not printing - there is a thin black line that runs the length of each page. And that's whether printing from the flatbed or feeder. No amount of cleaning seems able to remedy this. Everything looks fine. Repair shops want more $ to fix it than it'd cost to get a new one. HP won't help as it's out of warranty (they offered to sell me a new model at a discount that's still more expensive than buying from Amazon. Ugh.)
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    You know, for the most part a scanner is a scanner. But the Scanet 4670 stands vertically, kind of like a picture frame would on a table. So for one thing it takes up less room and for another I keep a photo in it so it just looks like a picture on my desk. It looks like this. Anyway, apparently the demo of Vuescan does work with my Win7 desktop machine just fine. I'm going to check it with my Macbook Pro running Lion later and if that works I plan on buying it.
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    Wow that's pretty interesting. Have to admit I've never seen that form factor before. I wish I'd had that kind of thing when I was a city dweller. Space savings = good!

    Hope VueScan works for you.
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    Exactly, I try to keep the desktop computer, printer, scanner, networking devices with networked drives etc. confined to one 8 foot conference table in the office.

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