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Wait for a power book?!?!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by AP_piano295, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Im buying a powerbook 15'' this summer around june 20 bday does anybody expect an update before them?
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    They have been saying that for ever. Truth is, no one knows when they will update. I just bought my first mac, 15" pb, and I love it. It is definitely worth it. I would buy now. I have been waiting for a G5 pb for about 6 months and am glad I bought a 4th revision instead of a 1st generation.
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    well they just updated the powerbooks, so its probebly gonna be a while
    I would say go for it.
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    are you willing to wait four months for your birthday present? june 20 is approaching the end of the current revision's cycle. i personally would wait. the good side about rev. a machines is that you can get a new one every few months if they are full of problems...just back up your hard drive every day
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    Not worried about G5

    Im just wondering if will be seeing any significant speed boosts even if they are still g4s everyone says that the recent speed boosts arent very noticeable
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    Noticeable compared to what? My PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz 15" 1.5 GB RAM is an amazing machine compared to the iBook G4 1 GHz it replaced. I have a Power Mac Dual G5 1.8 here and the iBook felt slow compared to that in normal use, the PowerBook doesn't at all. Maybe the speed increase was only 167 MHz but things like faster hard drives, more RAM, etc all make a difference.

    The current PowerBook G4s are fantastic!
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    Noticeable 2

    Last gen powerbooks if this was such a small speed up maybe there will be a larager one soon
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    I would expect an update in August/September based on past history (just check out the MR buyers guid)--perhaps just a minor revision (maybe move to a new GPU, maybe slightly faster G4--who knows). If you buy in June and the release an updated one in August or Sep--you may have some buyer's remorse.

    On the other hand, Tiger is supposed to be coming out June-ish so even if your PB isn't 'the bestest' you'll have the new OS w/o having to pay for an upgrade (which you would have to do if you bought now).

    I think the best time to buy is whenever you're going to need it.
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    I really, really doubt it. A revision is a revision. The powerbook G4s really can't be tweaked ALL that much more, short of putting in dual cores and even that is a year off (feasibly). The earliest POSSIBLE date I can see of new powerbooks would be the end of summer, but most likely January.
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    any chance?

    Is there any real chane of seeing dual cores in the 15s or 17s. Who has a guess on the price jump if they do go dual core
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    Seriously though...

    In all honesty, if you need it now, buy it now. If you don't, wait until after a convention.
    Something new and better will always be coming along.
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    I would say, if there is a lot of speculation at the time, to hold off for a little while if you really want a G5. However, i would actually recommend going with the latest revision of the G4, whatever that may be at the time. You know your going to get a really good machine without any bugs that the G5 will have.
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    mayber sooner than you think...

    I wouldn't be surprised to see at least a GPU upgrade (quietly) for the powerbook around Tiger time. Think about it: the most powerful GPU option for a powerbook is a Radeon 9700 128mb. Big mistake by Apple not to go up to at least the X300/X600 (128mb standard, 256mb optional) series in the last revision. They won't have much of a choice as word is getting around that the Apple hardware (especially GPU's) is falling behind.
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    If your going to buy now is probably a good time. Don't get caught in the waiting for the next big thing, because new stuff is always coming out. I would rather be using my powerbook rather than waiting for it to be released.
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    The latest PowerBook upgrades are a lot more than just a CPU speed boost. Check out the technical specs on the current model, faster CPU, faster and bigger hard drives, more memory as standard, the ability to run a 30" display (BTO in the 15" 1.67, and standard in the 17"), the 2 finger scrolling (took a while to get used to but it's great), better keyboard backlighting, and more.
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    true but....

    Run a 30 inch screen i dont own one wont own one will never know any one who owns one. Bigger hard drive nice but i will never fill up the hard drive any way the hard drive speed bump wont laragely effect cpu speed. the memory increase is nice and its also the only think will truly effect profourmance.
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    So me telling you that the current model compares very well to the G5s I have here means nothing, maybe you should just keep waiting then... this thread is kind of pointless. ;)

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