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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by synthetickittie, Jul 3, 2003.

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    I'll be starting college in September (freshmen) and wanted a 17inch powerbook to not be confined to my dorm room to do work and right now I don’t have a laptop at all. If it makes any difference my major, well actually I’m having two majors, math and computer science. I will also be getting airport extreme for it. Now should I wait another month to see if they update it or just buy now? Basically I don’t NEED it right now, of course it would be nice to have and use but my question is… is there any possible thing that I could benefit from that could be updated to the powerbooks within the next 2 months?
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    something could possibly happen during then. according to macrumors buying plan as well as apple's usualy product timeline you may be in luck. i would just recommend buying it when you need it. the 17" right now is a fantastic laptop.

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    ok...you've obviously waited this long I would hold off for a few more months..i'm gonna be a freshman and I bought my iBook last november and I love it ....but i would wait until the line is upgraded honestly so you get more machine for your $$...you also gain the benefits of a rev b from a rev A which is always nice...and you said you don't need it so maybe ask again if it hasn't been updated by august but hold off until atleast then.
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    I think you should buy it if you don't care for minor speed increments in the G4 line/15 inch update. When I found out there wouldn't be any G5 PBs for a while, i bought it=D.
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    wait till September...cause you never know what Apple might do in 2 months. and if you buy it now, and they change something, u'd might get :mad:

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