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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Bateman, Jan 23, 2003.

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    I'm a college student and I am currently using a G3/350 B&W. I have decided that for my next term I am going to invest in a laptop. I would love a Powerbook but my current finacial situation dictates that my choice be the iBook. I will get the top of the line model when i do purchase it. I am assuming that an iBook update is coming and was wondering if anybody had any idea what these updates might be like and what the top of the line model might entail (are they staying with the G3 or are they going with the G4) I just need somebody to console me and let me know that waiting is a good idea and that my Tower will get me by for now.

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    When does your next term begin?

    Anyhow whever apple wants they could get up to a 1GHZ iBooks but they really don't want to canablize there PowerMac sales, so there not going to.
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    I'm looking to buy this computer in May, June, maybe even July if I feel something better is right on the horizon. So I have plenty of time to make a decision. But of course its hard to wait. :)
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    I'd say you can expect an update in May. The G3 will definitely be the processor (especially since the G4 12" PowerBook just came out), and the speed of the top-of-the-line will probably hit 1GHZ. FireWire 800, built-in Bluetooth, and AirPort Extreme will also probably be added on this update. If you don't really need the machine now, I'd wait until the next update.
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    does anybody think that the backlit keyboard will be an option in the iBook? i think that is such a cool feature!
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    It's a possibility, but I'd rate it as a very low probablity that the iBooks will be G4 on their next upgrade. Sorry to disappoint you .
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    1 ghz ibooks?

    What do you think will happen to the PowerBooks if the ibook goes to 1Ghz?

    I think it would be great, I'd snatch a Ghz iBook the minute they were released, but the small Powerbook, the one most related to the ibooks, is only at 867Mhz. Even if it is a G4, I would imagine that the 12" PowerBook would sink in sales pretty quickly.

    Even if you assume an update to the 12" PB to 1Ghz, it would be hard to convince me it is that much better than a Ghz iBook. here's hoping, anyway.
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    It would be great to see either the PowerBook 12 or the iBooks go 1Ghz. You must assume that the PowerBooks would be first to take that step, though.

    But what updates are coming to the iBook? If it isn't a revamped processor chip then will it be an amazing appearance overhaul? Will the Gobi chip find its way in soon? Aren't they just around the corner? Or no? I surely have no clue!! :confused:
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    Me neither... but I'd love to hear opinions. Or maybe someone can point me in the direction of where I can find out exactly who predicted Gobi and what they think it's for.

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