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Wake Up!! 27" just arrived!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by califlorida, Dec 12, 2012.

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    FedEx just came a day early! Busy day today but will try to report back once I open and setup!

    Good luck to others getting them today!

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    Hellll yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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    Congrats, thats awesome that a lot of people are getting them this early.
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    Whoa! Really fast. Mine is still processing... (PL)

    When did you order it?
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    I can't help but feel this whole situation makes a mockery of those who ordered within 1 minute of the store going up that are still stuck on "processing".

    I swear the shipping order is done by lottery.

    Anyway, I hope you have fun setting it up and trying it out! Exciting!
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    I would like to know how noticeably better the screen resolution is on the new iMac over the older versions.
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    I don't know exactly how the shipping order works. I ordered at 6-7am EST and it still processing with delivery dates of 24-31st.
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    I am fairly sure that a lot of it has to do with the options that people picked. Some options = longer time to wait.
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    My order was completed by 3:08 AM EST on 11/30. 27"/3.4i7/1tbFusion/680mx. So about 8 minutes after ordering went live.

    I had 2-3 day expedited shipping with original date of Dec 21-28.

    Arriving 9 days early I'd say Apple was successful.

    Unfortunately have a swamped day so not sure how much testing I can do. I will report back any results.

    I also have 2009 27" so I can compare speed & screens this way.

    Enjoy all those who get them today and in the near future!
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    please open it and tear it down!
    you'll earn more than that!
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    congrats man!

    how was the packaging by fedex? did it come inside a brown box or just like that on the pic?
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    I don't think so. I have seen identical configs to mine that were ordered many hours after me already have confirmed shipping.

    Whatever process Apple is using, it does not seem to have a pattern that we can determine.
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    I just received mine and it did come in the brown box shaped like the iMac box.
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    As said above it came in brown box just got it opened. Will be transferring all software then moving to recording studio by tomm.

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    I'm happy for those who got it. But still feel neglected by apple myself :( after the money I've poured into that company and making sure to be first in line when the iMac was available. :( :(
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    It's so pretty :D
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    Now, now, if you had any real dedication you'd fly to Shenzen and pick it up yourself, and tip the final assembly worker a week's wages. :D
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    :D yeah I wish I could
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    First world problems are terrible! :D
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    Cool! So jealous! I know you already unboxed it and everything, but make an unboxing video or a quick review on youtube. Pretty sure you'd be the first consumer out there :) By the way what specs did you get?
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    I am curious, because I've never managed to understand this... What exactly is the reason why people want to see un-boxing videos of an electronic device? What is the fascination and why are they videos popular?
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    For the same reason people watch cooking shows. Presentation is important to some people.

    Computers managed to bypass a whole section of consumer design for some reason, but that is changing. It was somehow just accepted that computers looked the way they did (ugly, beige boxes, with cords all over the place) yet still find a place in people's homes. Nothing else sells like that - lamps, furniture, kitchen equipment, etc.

    The presentation of the product in the box is just an extension of that, and people are curious how it has been done in each case.
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    because you want to see exactly how the products are shipped, what the contents of the box and what are the impressions on the device. Remember that most of the times people buy products that only see in photos on the internet so having a video showing exactly how the product looks is very good.
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    It's the same. The resolution has never changed for 27" models. The new one has less glare and apparently looks more vivid but the resolution is the same.

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