Waking Mini HTPC?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by HE15MAN, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I do all my handbrake work on my iMac. Is there a way I can remotely wake the Mac mini on the other side of the house so I can wirelessly transfer the files?

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    usually i make a shared folder and let handbrake encode that file then on my other machines i just go to my network and go to that computer and that folder share
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    Hmm, so it encodes and transfers simultaneously? Does that kill your wifi speed? Mine is worthless when transferring!
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    no i just make a shared folder on my mac then i can just use any computer in my home network wired or wireless and watch the video as my mac is hard wired meaning i have hooked up through its Ethernet port as i have 2 window vista machines, 3 windows xp machine's and a ubuntu linux netbook it just streams the video and never actually moves off the mac unless i want it too so basicly make a folder on the mac mini that u want for handbrake trans codes on the mini then just place them from the imac into that shared folder on the mini or just leave on the imac and stream them through the home network from the imac's shared folder
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    Under the Energy Saver option in System Preferences, there is an option to Wake for network access. Just make sure that box is checked and you should be able to wake the Mini by selecting it from the Finder screen on your iMac (assuming you've already enabled file sharing on the Mini). You can also enable screen sharing so that you can control the Mini right from your iMac--do this all the time with my Mini HTPC.
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    my mini doesn't show in finder on my laptop if the mini is asleep, but you can use a program like WakeOnLAN to wake it up.

    It also comes with a dashboard widget, so it's pretty quick and easy to get to. you just have to make sure the mini is awake when you run the main program so it can find it the first time. after that it stores the information.

    also the mini will only wake from sleep, and not off (this may have changed with newer models)
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    Thank you! This is what I was looking for
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    Strange, both my MacBook and Mini should up in Finder if asleep. Could this be specific to certain models of Mini (i.e. won't work on older models)?
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    There is a 'wake on LAN' tag in the 'about this mac'.

    Mine is set to off. If you set it to on then you need something to send the 'magic package' to wake it up. The problem with WOL is that it has issues with either not waking up, or waking up way to often. I did a project after WOL first came out and the damn NICs wouldn't all wake up when they were supposed to. Some that functioned normally just wouldn't wake the heck up... Most frustrating. In the end, we ended up removing the WOL cables and just left the NICs on, and the computers too. It was originally envisioned that updates and backups could be done by waking the systems up at night and then putting them back to sleep but with the hassle over WOL not working, we trashed that idea and went to leaving them on all the time. (Windows systems)

    What I've done before is use an external hard drive to convert to... I wouldn't use a wireless network myself. Too many potential issues. I think we have done it here on our wired network. It's switched 100 and still you could just tell someone was hogging it.:(
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    I had a cell phone right after they came out, the thing was so big and clunky, i just gave up on them.

    I've never had a problem waking my mini, don't think it's once missed a wake up.

    as far as transferring wirelessly, it's not going to be the fastest, but it works, and as long as you take security precautions, it's fairly secure. not as secure as wired, it will never be 100% secure, but for the average home user it's fine.

    and as long as it's a family, or a smaller contained set of people, you don't have to worry about "someone" hogging the connection.
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    Not exactly a cheap solution but I'm finding the constant availability thing of Macs connected to Airport Extreme (/ Timecapsule presumably) works great.

    As far as everything else on the network is concerned my Mini is always on (even when its asleep) and whenever it gets a request (be that from Remote on my iPhone or Screen Sharing or whatever) it just wakes up and gets on with it. Great with the Drobo too as it similarly sleeps and wakes in synch with the Mini.
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    Hmmm Wakeonlan has stopped working..could it be since the Mini is on DHCP?

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