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Wall Charger?

Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by Anon1mus, Dec 3, 2007.

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    With just about every iPod I've seen I see a USB charger with it. But is there a cord that plugs into the WALL to charge the iPod? Because I don't have any USB ports in my room, unfortunately. Only electrical outlets.
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    Do you mean somthing like that?

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    Thats perfect, thanks man.

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    You can also use a Firewire to iPod cable, connected to a computer or Firewire wall charger, if you happen to have one from an earlier iPod model.
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    Woah, the touch doesnt come with a wall charger? Can i use the one from my 4th gen?
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    Yes, you can use that charger. Even back to 3rd Gen.

    None of the current iPods come with a wall charger.
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    Thats interesting. Ive been out of the buying a new ipod game for so long. Black and white! Can you imagine the horror i have to look at each day. That was until last week when the HD failed...
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    Did old iPods come with more stuff then they do nowadays?

    the iPod Touch will be my first iPod
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    My iPod photo (aka the 4G) came with:
    - Firewire Cable w/ Dock
    - Firewire Charger
    - Belt clip case
    - AV Cable
    - Earbuds

    These days, all you get is a pair of earbuds, a dock adapter, and a USB cable. The charger, AV cable, and dock will run you another $100 or more.
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    Bear in mind that any wall -> USB adapter will do, not just the Apple one. My Samsung camera came with this tiny adapter that can handle the full range of input voltages (ie, usable in Europe with just a cheap plug adapter). Does a great job of charging my iPod.

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