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Wall Street Journal Application Comes to iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 16, 2009.

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    CNET briefly reviews WSJ - The Wall Street Journal [App Store, Free], which provides free access to The Wall Street Journal from the iPhone and iPod touch. While standalone applications created by newspapers are becoming increasingly common, the release of a free app for The Wall Street Journal is notable for the fact that the newspaper's subscribers typically pay substantial fees for access to its online content.

    In its review, CNET draws comparisons to NYTimes [App Store, Free], a competing app released by The New York Times last August and significantly updated to version 2.0 just last month.

    Aside from a couple of kinks, CNET seems to think that WSJ - The Wall Street Journal is a worthy release, with the ability to customize the application's toolbar and the ability to save or e-mail articles enhancing the free access to the newspaper's typically-paid online content.

    Article Link: Wall Street Journal Application Comes to iPhone
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    This was long overdue - will be downloading immediately
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    The ads ruin it though.
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    It's telling me I need to connect my phone to iTunes before it will install? Why? (On WiFi)
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    Possibly free content now, but maybe subscriptions will be required to access some content when iPhone OS 3.0 arrives...
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    This app is hot! As hot as a news application can be. It's better than my previous favorite, the AP news app — which still has a place on my phone and does local news too.
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    Thanks for sharing this good news about application!!
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    I really wanted to like the NY Times app, but it was the most crash-prone app I have ever downloaded. Hopefully WSJ will work better, I'm excited about it.
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    I downloaded the updated NY Times app and it hasn't crashed on me yet. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should give it a try. I will definitely download the WSJ app and see how it works.

    Edit: I checked it out. I'm still more used to using the NY Times app so I'm still going to stick with it.
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    Blackberries have offered this free for years now. I doubt they would add on subscriptions now.

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