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wallpaper fix?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by starstreak, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I had a huge wallpaper on my iphone5 iOS6 (1900x1080) and it scaled fine. On the new iOS7, the wallpaper won't scale. so then I resized it to have the width of 640. And strange thing is it still blows up the picture to like it was 100% the size.
    Any idea how to fix?
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    It's just the way it is for now.
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    Try turning off Parallax. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion "On"
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    Doesn't fix the problem..We used to think it did but actually try it..doesn't really do much for the issue :cool:
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    There is no fix. Just have to live with it.
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    iPhone 5 wallpapers have a new "native" resolution. It's 1536x1040 due to parallax. They will always be zoomed in a bit.
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    What happens if you make the wallpaper match the iPad's resolution?
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    Every wallpaper regardless of phone will zoom in on iOS 7 no matter what you turn on or turn off.
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    The workaround is to open the image in Photos.
    Tap it so the status bar and controls fade away.
    Take a screen shot (lock button + home button).
    The screen shot will include black to fill in the parts that don't fit the screen, thus allowing it to be set as wallpaper with no zooming.

    You must also turn on the Reduce Motion setting so it doesn't do a slight zoom for the Parallax effect.
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    Thanks! I'll try that once I get a chance!
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    That's what I said ;)
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    That was stupid, but it worked I now have my proper wallpaper size. I hope they fix this.
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    Thanks! that worked great.

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