Walt Whitman Apple Store (Huntington Station, NY - iPhone 4)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by soco, Jun 16, 2010.

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    The line is formed south of the entrance on the picture below. A makeshift list is being made to try and keep order.

    If you're lost or need help, or even just wanna meet up with my gf and I, AIM my MacRumors name.

    Last count was 70 people. No count on reserve/walk-in.
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    Yup! Will be there.
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    and i will be there as well
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    Get yours pre-ordered? I got a pre-order to go through at 6:05am EST so I'll be picking up at about 2pm.

    I'm feeling like I lucked out.
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    I was able to get one reserved as well! I'll be waiting in line all night! I've got work at 8:30 on Thursday, so I have to be close to the front of the line. Gotta get my phone then get working.
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    what do you think is an appropriate time to get to the store to wait on line?
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    I'll be showing up around 2am. Not sure where to start the line if I'm first. Any ideas?

    Anyone showing up earlier?

    Btw I'll have a truck with a nice back to sit on if anyone wants.

    Let's all agree to be as hospitable and helpful to each other as possible. I have no issues with people leaving the line for a bit for bathroom breaks/running for food & coffee.
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    im thinking of heading over around the same time with my friend and brother. I'll be bringing chairs, food, and blankets. We're also trying to bring a small table, a deck of cards, and some chips. Poker helps pass the time! Anyone on line can feel free to join the game and hang out with us. Camaraderie is the main reason I wait in line.
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    I will aim to be there around 6. I have one reserved so I know I'll get one. I just need to be out of there by 9 (here's to hoping!). I have to be to work by 10:30 and I'd like to leave time to stop home and sync the phone with iTunes so I can enjoy the phone all day...er, I mean enjoy it during my breaks.
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    Last year the line formed at the entrance on the side of the building, around the corner from Sbarro's and Mickey D's. That's probably where it'll be this year too. See the attached pic.

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    Awesome thanks for the pic! I'll actually be showing up at 12am.

    Will I be seeing anyone in a couple hours?

    Bringing my iPad and a good book.
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    Just got here. Decent amount of people. Maybe 10 so far?

    Driving a red pickup by the way. Come say hi to my girlfriend and I!
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    I'm here...

    Anyone else here? I'm in a white Pathfinder.
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    Oh cool, people are there now?

    Keep us posted on how many people. I was thinking about going to the Roosevelt Field one, but if at 2-3 AM it looks good, I'll go there instead.
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    We're being made to line up at the middle of the parking lot. Find us? South of the mark on the picture.

    My girlfriend and I are at the back'ish of the line. I'm wearing a blue running shirt and black shorts. On my iPad. Girlfriend is on her DS.
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    Security and Apple are turning walk in's away. Heads up
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    Thanks for the heads up. Did the reserve line shrunk? Guess I'll try tomorrow.
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    Wow, I just got home and had to post what wound up happening.

    So we had a nice line going around 300 deep across the parking lot, where we were told to line up. When the cops came by to start escorting us to the mall curbside, we all noticed a bunch of people already waiting at the door.

    Needless to say most people started yelling. The cops gave us a very, "Oh shut up it's just a phone" attitude and even though we had a list written of the people in the official line, they said just leave it the way it was.

    When I finally got out of there, I ran into a guy I had been standing with since 12am. He said the cops made him and a ton of other people leave due to limited stock for walk-ins (I had a reservation) and the people in front of him jumped in last second at 6am.

    Horse. ****.
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    Are they still turning away walk-ins?

    I am considering heading up there this evening.
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    I was told no more walkins today... That they would start again tomorrow at 8am for walkins.
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    I'm still on line. Walk ins have been getting turned away since 11am.
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    Sold out today. They claim they get shipments every day.
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    i can't believe i forgot about this thread. I was number 5 or 6 in line. I was the one that brought the table that everyone was signing "the list" on. I was sitting back in my comfy chair the whole time. Got there at 10pm the night before.

    P.S.- Even though I was the 4th into the store, I was the 1st out. VICTORY! =]

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