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want a 1 TB email account? u got it..

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by abhishekit, Jun 12, 2004.

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    www.youvegotpost.com is giving 1 TB space for email, and there is no cap on the attachment..so you can pretty much load up your full hard drive.

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    How do you know it's 1TB? The figure is mentioned only indirectly in the YGP forums...and so is "unlimited."

    So far, the service seems to be working. A little on the slow side, but as supposed to any service based on f***ing Hivemail, YGP is sending and receiving emails.
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    it would be very irritating to hear that 'You've Got Post' voice each time you checked your mail, too :mad:
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    To get rid of that sound - actually, to avoid it - click here.

    If you're in your current session, you'll go straight to your inbox.
    Otherwise, you will get an authentication error page, but you'll be able to log in right from there without the sound playing.
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    I see. I think i'll give this a miss - 1 gb in my Gmail account is fine, and nicer to use (and is it me, or have they recenetly made it compatable with Safari?)
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    What is it with these Mailbox sizes?

    1TB for an account?

    Your having a laugh, what I waste of storage IMO :D

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