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Want a cheap free host?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by pianodude123, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Hi, I have just set up my free website service, and I am looking for people who need hosting to test it out!

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    see your using Rapidweaver there , nice

    bit tight on the space tho?

    20 MB webspace (disk space)
    -500 MB/month bandwidth quota
    -2 Mb file size limit
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    You are using RapidWeaver. :eek:
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    just bought rapid weaver...testing it out...it seems pretty cool. Well designed software....why not? Is it too "noob-ish"?? Plans will change as time goes on and i have recently added more affordable hosting!
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    Why limit file size? If they want 2 10MB files or 1 20MB file, what's the difference?
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    Bandwidth, and file storage...also..its another reason for them to upgrade!
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    I can see the upgrade thought, but bandwidth and file storage make no sense. It is 20MB whether it is 10 2MB files or 1 20MB file. Also, it uses the same amount of bandwidth to transfer 20MB whether in chunks or one file.
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    Most free hosts impose a file size limit otherwise people would upload applications etc and distribute them using the service. By caping file sizes at 2MB it stops this and thus makes it less likely the user will use all their bandwidth:)
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    You bought two dual 2.7Ghz G5's to host free sites on? Why?
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    I notice that server one you don't put down what the connection is, you don't put anything down for where it is, its tier or anything for that matter.

    What is the TOS? Its not at the bottom.

    You don't give support details about what you have at each location for support. You don't give the details if they have access to the servers for an extra cost due to server failure.

    You may want to actually get some information up before someone gets something from you, and then finds out you basically give no support on the server, like hands on support 24/7

    And you may want to give the name of the company that has your two Colo servers.


    Look at that site. Also do you give phone support? I remember talking with the person that owns Black Lotus on the phone and he was extremely knowledgeable, i almost colo'd a Xserve G5 with them. (I was going to have Key Card Access to the Location of the servers in case of problems with the servers that i could fix [since the normal support didn't know all about OS X] and the server was in MD where i would have traveled to to fix it)

    Fix this stuff ASAP or higher someone to do it.
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    OKay, thanks for theh advice!
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    Yep ^_^ if you need help you can try and IM me.
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    "Want a cheap free host?"

    Isn't that an oxymoron?? =)

    Anyways, I tried pulling up your site and got a blank page. I'm on Safari. :D
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    >>>Akourinc is a web hosting service thats flexibility and features are very expandable. Through great customer service, and happy clients, we hope to grow large so that everyone can have free website, or get premium, simple web hosting, with an opportunity to expand.

    Might want to hire a copywriter....
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    Why, is that too wordy? I thought it was...just couldnt find a better wording for it!
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    No, I think it is missing words and doesn't make sense.

    This doesn't make sense:
    This is missing words:
    Simple things cause customers to turn away, especially when it's as easy as closing a browser window.

    Try something like this (and I'm not declaring this to be a great work of art, but feel ffree to use it):

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    Wow, thanks for the help, I hope you do not mind if I take it word for word?
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    Go right ahead.. :)
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    Maybe you should charge for your services. Its not often that you come across someone who actually knows how to use correct grammar. :p

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