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Want advice on buying a PowerBook G4 12"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by iBookG4user, May 13, 2008.

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    Hello, I'd been searching off and on for a PowerBook G4 12" for college and for when I go out. I want one computer to stay at home, so I don't have to stop everything when I want to take my computer out and about. While the MacBook Pro is pretty light, the PowerBook G4 would be a lot more portable and easier to take around. Anyway, an oportunity may arise in June where I can get the following PowerBook G4 for between $250-300:
    1.33GHz PPC G4
    1.25GB RAM
    80GB HDD
    12" screen
    Combo drive
    Airport Extreme
    Very good cosmetic condition

    I haven't been keeping up on the retail value of PowerBooks, but this looks like a good deal to me, especially for around $300. I know that the offer is legitimate as well so there are no worries about that. What do these PowerBooks typically go for?
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    They usually are around 700 depending on condition. That would be a very good deal. Almost too good..
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    I know the guy personally, so I know that he wouldn't try to con me. And wow, it's an even better deal than I thought it was.
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    Go for it, the 12" PowerBook G4 is a very nice computer and you are certainly getting a very good deal for one.
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    The 1.33 is the one before the last one (1.5) and that sounds like a good deal. I got a 1.0 for $450 so I guess he could get $500+ for it on the open market - so whether you keep that quiet from him is up to you..

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