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Want some "freedom fries" with your burger?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by lmalave, Mar 11, 2003.

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    Too bad they're Belgian. :rolleyes:
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    welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave... can't wait to get back to europe after may's graduation!

    - everybody ready for some kraut-bashing? :D
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    This is so lame. This is no better than what the French did when they tried to change some English-sounding words like "walkman" that crept into their vocabularly to in an attempt to make it more Gallically pure.

    This reminds me of a discussion/arguement I had with a man who wondered aloud why immigrants can't eat "American" things like hamburgers and apple pies instead of burritos, fried rice, etc. Nevermind the fact that burritos, fried rice, and other "ethic" foods are merely Americanized versions of the original cuisine: the guy didn't even realize that hamburgers and apple pies were German derivatives. :rolleyes:
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    Heh, I doubt Germans will receive as much hostility because Americans identify with them more. I remember reading a poll where as recently as the early 90's where something like 70% of white Americans identified themselves as being of primarily German descent - which is patently untrue (white Americans are still overwhelmingly of British descent).

    Pretty weird, huh? My theory is that even in defeat Hitler brainwashed the world into believing at some level the superiority of the "Aryan race". How else to explain why so many Americans would choose to identify themselves as German instead of the British which they actually are?
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    Mr. Anderson

    The name changes were spearheaded by two Republican lawmakers who held a news conference Tuesday to make the name changes official on the menus.

    This is lame that these two Congressmen decided to 'officially' change the names. Let the French be blind to the issues - insulting them is not exactly a diplomatic approach. Taking the high road here shows strength in our resolve to fight our enemies, lashing out makes us look like idiots.

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    While we're at it . . .

    Don't take it too seriously, but I couldn't resist:

    French kiss - "freedom kiss"
    bureau - "freedom chests"
    lieutenant - "freedom officer"
    bourgeoisie - "freedom middle class"
    brassiere - "freedom undies"
    repertoire - "freedom performances"
    rendezvous - "freedom meeting"
    limousine - "freedom cars"
    zest - "freedom gusto"
    cigarette - "freedom sticks"
    lingerie - "freedom panties"
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I think a lot of this is due to the fact that a lot of germans were getting out of their screwed up country around WWI and WWII. i for one have english,german & french ancestory but am most proud of the English! Go Brits! Seems they are the only ones with common sense other then us Americans. Yes i Drive a Mgb too so take that you French/German Saddam lovers.
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    Better park that MGB in the "freedom car storage unit" since "garage" is soon to become verböten. ;)
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    As is "verboten".....:)

    Incidentally, MG stands for Morris Garages, so you have a bit of a mouthful there!
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    this is pathetic. i hate jingoism.

    FYI: during WWII, american resturaunts decided to call saurkraut "liberty cabbage".
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    Could we do any less to help fight terroism?
    What a waste of time.
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    Les Kern

    Raise your hand if you're embarrased to be an American right now. Marge Simpson said "There's no shame in being a pariah". For once Marge was wrong. Heck, I figure since the French helped us gain our independence in 1783, they helped the north in the Civil war, we helped them repel the Germans in and WWII, that we're tied now.
    I don't pay those idiots to do idiotic things while in Washington, so I want my money back.
    I'm surprised they missed "french-cut string beans". I'll bet some IDIOT will try to rename them "Green Beans Cut In Real Skinny Strips So We Can Feel Like Real Men And Bask In The Media-Driven, Ludicrous Limelight I Call Patriotism"" I'm not kidding... I want my money back.
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    My hands raised!

    Anyone read 1984? I suppose we can start calling Vodka "Victory Gin"

    I expect this behavior from a child, not a government. I wrote my congressman and the president on this one. I hope that others do the same.

    Is there not more important things to talk about in congress? Or should we just forget about that part of our government?
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    Is this really that big of a deal? Nothing we as a country have not done before. With the Hot Dog. With Liberty Cabbage, etc.

    Just our way of saying that we disagree. Stupid, maybe, big deal, no.
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    My hand is raised...

    Sure, let private businesses do what they wish, but for our Government to make it 'official' (in House cafeterias) is a ridiculous maneuver that will do nothing more than make the French chuckle and the Republicans a bit more plump from all their jingoistic freedom toast.. I agree, I want my money back.

    Trying to avoid political degradation, but I recall how happy a friend was when Republicans fell into all three branches. And for what? Just look at the mess we're in now.
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    yr right in that it's no big deal; no one will die because of this.

    however, it's emberassing, it's xenophobic, it's juvenile, it's everything that grown up people are just not supposed to do. the fact that elected officials are leading the charge is what's so emberassing to me. if it was some little diner in north carolina (like it was two weeks ago) it's just a protest. But when it's a government endorsed show of stupidity, it becomes an emberassment.
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    Especially as an example of those great American values everybody else in the world is supposed to endorse. "If you're not with us, you're against us. But if you ARE with us, you're a xenophobic moron....."
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    IJ Reilly

    Re: Want some "freedom fries" with your burger?

    I believe Tom Lehrer now denies this attribution, but many years ago he was supposed to have said he gave up satirical song writing because after Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize, satire was dead.

    That's the problem with satire -- it can become reality if you're not careful.
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    Les Kern

    I believe it is. I'm not sure if we are desensitized by the media, or are the product of the "me-me" 90's, or truly are arrogant bastards. If you step back and really look at the action, and especially read the quote by the mad-man Tom DeLay, most sane folks will agree there's something wrong here, but may not be able to put a finger on the reason. Pound ANYTHING into the head of the poplace, and soon all things seem reasonable. And the damage it does, albiet slowly, to our view of the world and other folks impressions of us, has the potential to do long-lasting damage. So "Freedom Fries" is a blip on America's radar? Blather. You mentioned that it's just our way of saying we disagree. Well why not SAY THAT, instead of the idiots holding press conferences and wasting MY valuable time and tax money with juvenile rantings?
    And it really goes deeper than that. This whole thing about the UN being "irrelevant" if they don't agree with us, the quote "with us or against us", saying "diplomacy isn't working" when were not even using diplomacy in the UN, and other mis-guided, hawkish views are served very nicely by blip after blip after blip after idiotic blip.
    I still want my money back.
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    the only funny thing about this is that Frances view on this issue is "it's a non-issue," and "there are actual problems to worry about...."
    what country is looking like an ass now? I'll give you a hint, it starts with a capital U.
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    I didn't think Uganda, Uruguay or Uzbekhistan were involved here.....:confused:
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    This is just a Congressional committee's way of having a little fun at the expense of the French. Not a big deal.

    If we want to change the name of "french" fries, we should call them "chips" and put vinegar on them like civilized people do.
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    I didn't think you employed your politicians to have fun
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    IJ Reilly

    Watching our politicians behave in a trivial, frivolous and foolish manner is often all we're actually getting for our money.

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