Want to buy an iMac G4 but.....

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ronwilson, Nov 16, 2008.

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    what can I do with it?

    I already have 2 computers for my regular computing needs. I just love the design of the iMac G4 and always had wanted to buy one but never got around to it. What can I do with it? Would it be possible to use that computer as a media center of some sort? Anyone have any ideas to justify my completely frivolous purchase?
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    Buy a gutted imac g4 empty shell for a few dollars and turn it into a lamp or something.
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    If you set the brightness all the way up it would make a great desk lamp.

    You said yourself you already have computers that meet your needs, why waste money on something you don't need and don't have any use for besides to have it sit around and look pretty? Even my 8mhz Mac Classic still functions as the living room clock.
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    I don't really buy just the things I "need" and I highly doubt most of the Mac community does either. Either way, its nice looking and thats the main reason I want it. I was just wondering if I could find some better reason to buy it.
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    Oh! Here's a neat idea! Buy a completely gutted imac case for cheap and turn it into a photo frame for your favorite family picture! You only want it for its artistic qualities anyway, so the most fitting use for it would be for you to use it directly as a piece of art.
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    Not useful to the OP, but the place I recently bought my new iMac and MBP was using old G4 imacs for point-of-sale. (The MacShop in Madison, WI)
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    For me, iMac G4 looks better than iMac G5 or Intel iMac. The arm of the screen is a really nice design. I'm keeping mine. Like someone else, you can use it as a photo frame, or a decoration, or a toy for your kids.
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    If I were you, I'd upgrade the HD to the largest you can fit in it, put an airport card in it, and put it in the living room. I have a weird corner where the living room meets the kitchen, and that's where I'd put one if I'd do it. Plug in some decent (and nicely designed) speakers and it becomes a beautifully designed sound system. Your iPhone can be the remote, but leave a mouse hidden behind it for when you're not home and someone else wants to use it. Use it and the large hard drive as a media and backup server.

    Now, If you're a true DIYer, and you're as ambitious as I am, you'll use some of Wacom's lesser known, multitouch-like tech to make the thing a touchscreen. Then add some home automation stuff. And just to piss off the largest group of whiners I've ever witnessed clogging up a forum, I'd find some way to make the screen glossy.
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    Could you give me more detail about your touchscreen project? Thanks!
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    I've always loved the iMac G4 but I was never able to get one. Last summer I was looking around for them on eBay, but I couldn't get myself to buy one because I didn't know what I would do with it. I finally decided not to get it.

    I love the looks and all, but if I had one, I would probably be disappointed with the speed because I'm used to the Intel machines now. Oh well... maybe later.
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    I was just brainstorming the possibilities, I haven't actually done this. There's a company called modbook that uses wacom technologies in building custom MacBooks, that's where I got the idea.
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    I have a 4 1/2 year old 17" G4 with 1.25ghz processor and 1260Mb RAM.
    Use it these days as an itunes server for streaming music all over the house, and we've connected a slingbox, so it sits in the spare room and is used mainly as a TV and occasional DVD player. Works a treat with a 3rd party remote.
    Thought of selling a few times, but IMO it is still the best looking machine Apple have ever built and I see no reason why it can't keep doing the above job for some time to come. Visitors always think it is really cool!

    Actually, you'd be surprised how well these machines still cope. With 1260mb RAM mine runs Leopard quite happily, and for Office / internet / watching TV and Video it is absolutely fine. I run MS Office 2008 on it without problems. Its also a damn sight quick than my brother-in-laws year old E-machines PC with Vista that's for sure!


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