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Want to get parents ATV for holidays but...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by vastoholic, Nov 16, 2010.

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    They have an ancient TV by technology standards. It doesn't have HDMI or component hookups. But knowing them, HD is not high on their priority list as they still use a 27 inch screen as their main TV. I thought this would be something my mom could enjoy while shes home alone and dad is away back on the farm during the weekdays and they could both enjoy it on the weekends since they don't go out to the movies hardly at all. The TV is on its way out it seems, maybe another year left in it. How would SD look on a 27" screen when going through an HDMI to RCA adapter? Would it be noticeably less than a DVD? If quality is going to suffer, I'll just wait until they replace the TV and maybe start working on burning their current small DVD collection to their computer.
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    Hold off until they get a proper HDTV with HDMI. They'll also need a decent internet connection.
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    Since the Apple TV is only compatible with HD televisions, if you try to use an RCA adapter, it will not be the right format. It needs to be a wide screen (preferably with a 16:9 aspect ratio) capable of 720p video playback to look right when using the Apple TV.
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    That's a great solution. Best Buy is going to have a Sony BD player for $100 on Black Friday. Check out blackfriday.gottadeal.com to find out other deals on 'em. I think that Insignia player might be $79 as well.

    If your parents don't have an HDTV, don't bother with an Apple TV. No need to waste money on converters when they won't be able to get much use out of it. You might also consider checking out that Black Friday listing for HDTV prices. I have seen 27" HDTVs for $230 before. If they're still using something without HDMI, it may be a huge upgrade to go with a flat panel TV. I've got a pre-HDMI 55" projection HDTV, and the quality between it and my 720p LCD TV is huge. Looking at tube TVs now is almost like staring at an eight-track player.
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    Thanks very much everyone. I just didn't want to force new technology on them if they didn't want it or couldn't use it properly without feeling like they had to upgrade their tv. I think they'd rather keep the DVD player they have now than learn a whole new system, but I'll ask them when i get hoe next month if they would like something that could do netflix.

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