Want to trade my Galaxy Nexus for an iPhone 4s but where?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Vanilla Ice, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Vanilla Ice, Jan 16, 2012
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    ****Just so everyone knows, I traded my nexus and got me a new iPhone 4s. It's good to be back!

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    Other then Craigslist or eBay. I’m looking for a place to trade my Verizon Galaxy Nexus for an iPhone 4s. I looked for a FS/Trade section on this forum but i can’t find anything. I searched so please don’t flame me. I’m just looking for a good site to trade my phone if it’s either on this website or some other. Thanks!
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    Try androidcentral.com
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    Why not just SELL the Galaxy and then buy an Ip4s?
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    Too easy, not complicated enough.
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    If it was the GSM version I would have took you up on it.
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    I want too sell it. But i cant get any local buyers and eBay/paypal takes a good chunk of money. I figured you guys would be my other best option :)
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    That phone was just released wasn't it? That bad aye?
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    No. Its an awesome phone if not the best i ever had. But i Just picked up an iPad 2 the other day and the two dont mix. iCloud is what i really need.
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    You're a newbie(as stated under your name). You have to post 500 posts before getting into the Marketplace section.
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    Is that a real answer? I know im a newbie here but just asking for some help. thats all
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    The gist is: YOU CAN'T sell it here because you don't have enough "history" (good posts). It's not allowed.
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    Yes, that's a real answer, that's why you couldn't find the marketplace forum.
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    Alright. Thanks guys!
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    Sorry, its 250 posts not 500.

    As stated under "I Can't Post" in the FAQ


    You could be a random guy, wanting to sell cheap stuff or knock offs and if the forum opens the marketplace to any new comers, it will be full of spam.

    No offence here though
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    No offence taken. I can see why they set the rules as they are. to protect their members from idiots. But again thanks for all the comments. I saw an LTE Galaxy Nexus sell for $538 on eBay (shocked) so it seems that may be my best choice for now. Thanks again.
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    I just sold my nexus on Craig's and I'm in the LA area. Went back to my 4s. Good luck selling it they're going for cheap. I lost money selling mine... I guess people are catching wind of all the problems the nexus is plagued with. Love ICS but hated the hardware it's tied too.
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    If you don't mind me asking. How much did you get for your nexus?
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    I had it listed for a week at 500 kept getting offers of 400. Finally I caved and sold it for 400. Careful with eBay you could lose your phone and your money. Too many scams... Have you tried Craig's? Give it a shot. How much are you trying to get for it? Also did you experience awful battery life? Or bogged down web browsing while on wifi??
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    How would you know your current post count if its not listed anywhere?
    Other forums put post count under the avatar.
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    Click your user name on the left of the post, then select "View Public Profile" & you'll be able to see your post count.
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    I put up a trade add in craigslist. Asking for a straight trade. Im also in LA and had a few peeps get back to me but they all fell threw. Ill put up an asking price of $500 and see where it takes me... but i found nothing wrong with the nexus. I hear bad and good. Most of the bad being horrable signal issues. I need a 4s to work with my iPad 2 and there is No way in heck ill trade my iPad for an android tab.

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    I'm surprised no one else has noticed this but I was astonished to see that the name "Vanilla Ice" had not yet been taken yet before.
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    Good luck selling it. Im glad I sold mine when I did because today it was announced that quad core android phones to come in feb... So try to get rid of it ASAP before people start holding off for new devices.
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    Vanilla Ice is my name for TONS of forums. Even xbox 360 live :cool:


    Thanks Bud! Mods, you can close this thread. Thanks!

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