WANTED: G4 Dual 800 or 933

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by medazinol, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking around for a Dual 800 PowerMac or a single QuickSilver 933. I had a look at the new machines but up here in Canada I can't get them for another 2 weeks and we pay horrible taxes on top of a purchase (15%).

    So I think a used Mac is in order for me. If you know or have such a beast please repond here. Thanks!

    P.S. I'm looking on eBay as well
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    Re: WANTED: G4 Dual 800 or 933

    Kind of like us here in the UK, 17.5% tax, nasty isnt it!:mad:
  3. Wes
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    Re: Re: WANTED: G4 Dual 800 or 933

    Somebody has to pay for the queens Bentleys
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    Here in norway we have 24% tax!!! And it´s a real rich country, a tax hell...:(
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    Re: Re: Re: WANTED: G4 Dual 800 or 933

    Speaking of which, did u see the motor she got for her Jubilee, it was amazing, can't remember how much they said it cost...but it was alot!
  6. Wes
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    Yeah that rolls right? She drove up in it at the opening and closing of the commonwealth games
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    Re: WANTED: G4 Dual 800 or 933

    I have realized that a 800mhz Powerbook would much better suit my needs at a college campus environment than my 933 (although I do love it) If you're interested in purchasing my 933 (w/ 17" LCD with no burnt or damaged pixels OR fingerprints) email me at: bkonar@ameritech.net

    933 with 2mb L3
    512mb ram
    internal zip 250
    80 gb HD
    GeForce4MX (waiting for ATI9700)
    no pci slots
    keyboard replaced by apple unecessarily, therefore u can either have a QS keyboard with apple on bottom or without
    apple mouse never used
    ill give you my printer if u want for free (epson 777, it's nothing special)
    will come in original packaging, with all manuals and cds, can be factory restored if necessary
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    My God, 24% tax???? That's sick! Don't you guys have like free health-care though?
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    My tax is 8.25% but wow, you guys are getting robbed. Countries w/ all those free health benefits n things have super high taxes. Republicans are good for sumthin afterall.
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    Yeah from what I've heard loads of things (including healthcare) are free in Norway.

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