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WANTED: Original 5GB Click Wheel iPod

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by andym172, Jul 22, 2005.

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    A friend of mine is looking to buy an original 5GB click wheel iPod.

    He'd prefer it to be the Mac model, but isn't too concerned if it's a Windows model (they can be converted can't they?).

    Original boxing and wires are preferred.

    Price will depend on how good a condition the iPod is in.

    Thanks :)
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    there was never a windows model, they were all made for the mac, but they could be used with windows if the proper hardware/software was in it.

    I sold my broken one for 80US shipped like 6 months ago :rolleyes:
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    i have a non working one, the battery is dead as are the controlls, the HD is good as is the LCD, you can coax it into mounting sometimes.

    comes with firewire cable no packageing.
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    Thanks for the replies :)

    I think he wants one which is in full working order. Don't know for certain, so will put the idea of buying a 'broken' one to him.

    Is there a placw which will refurbish iPod's?
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    Techrestore does that. I'm not sure of a UK based restorer.
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    Ja Di ksw

    I still have one that works. There are slitted cracks in the clear parts on the edge, but not many. How much are you offering for it, though? I kinda like it for nostalgic reasons.
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    I'm curious. Why does he want this specific model?
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    It does seems like there's some reason why he wants the original. I'm sure you've realized a later model will be a lot easier to come by and may actually be cheaper.
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    Hey I am not trying to steal the thread but does anyone have a working HD for a 1st gen mine died and I would like to fix it.
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    The friend in question is a designer who's decided to treat himself, and to buy the things he's wanted for the last few years.

    One of these things is the original iPod - he likes absolute simplicity and is a bit of a retro geek too.

    A mutual friend is selling the the first of the 20GB iPod's and has offered it to him at a very good price, but he's adamant he wants the earliest model. :confused:

    As I said before, price is dependent on the condition of the iPod (he's not mentioned a top figure to me but I know he's willing to pay a good price for good example).

    Thanks again :)
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    How much you want for just the MB? My firewire port isnt workin. I am going to try soldering it on tonight, but I'm gonna need a Plan B in case I screw up.
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    Any interest in a first gen 10gb model? Has the mechanical wheel, etc, and it like the 5gb in all ways except the HDD is bigger. It is in good condition, except for some scratching, but nothing too out of the ordinary for an iPod its age. Gets amazing battery life (haven't clocked it lately, but over 4 hours easily... it's my wife's and she listens to it at work for a good part of the day and then in the evening at home and never has to recharge it). Also has the original box, cable, power adaptor.

    She's really found of it, so it'd take a pretty good price to convince her, but I figure I would ask.
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    There never was a 5 GB clickwheel iPod.
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    I'm pretty sure he is reffering to the scroll wheel ipod, which was the 1gen, and came right before the first touch wheel model. It's pretty clear he wants an original iPod from his post.
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    Are you sure?

    What was the first generation of the iPod? The first iPod I bought was the first of the 20GB's and had always thought that the original was the clickwheel 5GB (so too does he :confused: ).

    I'll put the offer of the 10GB to him, but I think it's the 5GB he's after :)
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    The very first iPod was 5GB, later in 2001 they added 10GB and 20GB models. Check out Apple-History.com.
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    My wife has one, it has a few light scratches on the backplate, and the front is a bit grubby but will clean. she wants you to make an offer.

    PM or Mail it to me @mac.com
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    I have a fully functional 5gb mac(converted from windows) ipod. Minor scraches. I have no box. But I think I have all of the manuals, charger, firewire cable, black headphones.
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    The rev. A or generation 1 or 1G iPod was all mechanical controls. The "clickwheel" is what Apple calls the touch-sensitive wheel with the Menu, Play/Pause, Previous, Next controls integrated into the wheel design.

    The Clickwheel...

    The 4G iPod...

    The iPod mini (2G version) in green...

    The 4G iPods, iPod photo, and iPod mini are the only models to include the clickwheel thus far.

    The original iPod...
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    That funny.

    Just so you know, the 1G and 2G ipods don't play Apple Lossless files.
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    MacCheetah3 & Bibulous - thank you for your help :)

    G5Unit - thank you for the offer, but I think he's looking for the absolute original :)

    To those of you who have sent me pictures, thank you very much. Each one has been printed out and will be shown to him tonight. I'll let you all know his decision asap :)
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    I'm still looking :)

    If anybody has the earliest version of the 5GB iPod could they please e-mail me a description and photo's with the asking price to:

    andym172 at hotmail.com
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