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Wanted: OS X Tiger on CD

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by im_to_hyper, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I would like to see if anyone has Tiger on CD that could could aquire from you in whicever method you prefer.

    I would like to install it on a laptop with nothing but a CD-ROM so this would be muy helpful.

    BUMP: still looking.
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    just a suggestion

    cant help you with the CD question, but does your target laptop have built in Firewire?

    if so, you can install from another Mac with Firewire / DVD drive. (ie using Target mode on the CD only mac).

    did not mean to sidetrack your post.

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    Nope, no FireWire. Target Disk Mode has been used many-a-time in this house, but thanks for the advice, anyway! (Using XPostFacto is how I will get it to install on a pre-FireWire computer)
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    You can buy the DVD version of Tiger and send it to apple for $9.95 and they will give you CD versions. It's all over, I just can't remember precisely how. Best bet is to go to an Apple Store and see if one might be there or if you can figure out how to exchange for a CD version...
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    Yeah, I did that this summer. Then I ended up including the disks with a computer that I sold.

    The promotion ended July 31 or August something. Tiger can no longer be exchanged for CDs.
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    Ooh. Maybe you should try eBay? I don't know...
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    ya' know...

    now that I think about this / and your question.. dont you think it would be easier / cheaper to yank the CD drive and install a DVD reader?
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    Well, still looking for these if anyone has them. Ebay doesn't seem to.

    No, I just can't yank the drive. This would be installed on a Wallstreet or an iBook which don't have an easy DVD solution.

    (XPostFacto, of course)
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    Wow, I had no idea it had an expiration date... That's kind of crummy! :(

    Anyway, a bump, and good luck. I don't have it so I can't sell it to you. ;)
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    Great, now I found out from someone that there was an extension to the program. But it expired December 13. Fun.
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    know anyone with an external dvd drive?
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    Uh... what that has to do with Tiger I have no idea. And no, I don't.

    You could post a WTB thread after 17 posts :D
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    I think he was asking you if you know any one with external dvd drive so you could do what you're trying to do.:confused:
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    Hmmm good point. Well, I didn't even think of that since the computer I want to install it on has no USB ports and the question seemed totally random.

    Anyway, no I do not... no one in my small town at least.

    Anyway, then the problem would be getting Tiger on DVD. I figure spending money in the least amount of money possible would be good.
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    This is stretching it and going into something I've never heard of or ever tried before. But with *Some* os on the destination Mac enable file sharing and mount the drive from an OS X Mac via the network and use it as the destination.
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    Ah, yeah. I tried something like that once. I had the DVD drive mounted under a Windows computer running that software that allows better Windows-Mac integration but my problem is that I really don't want to make a DMG and put it on my HD and install from there. A media installation is preferred.
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    Mount the root HD over your network. On another machine insert the Install DVD and launch /Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg . Choose the network volume. et voila. (If it says it cant install over the network, you can modify the package with PackageMaker a developer tool.
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    I saw a ton of the emac versions with 16 cd's on ebay right now and I think two complete tiger CD sets with just the three or four discs, but those are going pretty high.
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    There's always the SCSI way...

    I think your best bet is to find a SCSI DVD-ROM drive. Now you can pick one up on eBay for under $30, then you need a SCSI enclosure and a PowerBook SCSI adapter....and it would be a bit slow. But, you can get it to work if you really want to.

    Also I know you have your heart set on Tiger but, Panther may be a better way to go, and it will sure run better on an older machine too and it's already on CDs. :)
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    Yeah, that's what is already on there. But my other thing is that if I get an iBook it would be 500-800 MHz and probably won't have a DVD-ROM. And those have no SCSI things on them, so it wouldn't be feasible to go through with that.

    I have two serious offers from people with CDs so I may take them up on it.


    *yelling over*

    If ya have a clamshell or Wallstreet.... let me know...
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    How do I do that exactly? Can you give specific directions? I need to install tiger on my 700mhz emac from my powerbook G4 1.67.. can i boot from the DVD drive in the powerbook? with powerebook disks? hmmm...
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    Maxwell Smart

    Gravedigger......haha I love ancient threads :rolleyes:
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    Zombie threads are fun! ... *cocks shotgun* >_>
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    Oh this is cool. And I never ended up finding those CDs either.
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    haha.. i hope you don't still need them tho! :p

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