Wanted: Ti Book or Ibook??

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by djniche, Jul 15, 2002.

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    I'm looking to buy a Ti book
    667mhz with combo
    if any one is selling pls post..

    my other option would be a ibook 700mhz g3 wih 14.1"
    anybody sellling..?

    which of these two would you get if you were looking to spend 2k.??

    thanks for your help
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    If you are going to spend 2,000$, spend it wisely. You can either get a slow G3, slow bus, but lots of xTras for about 2000, or you can spend a little more and get the low-end, high speed, 15in screen, lightweight, big hardrive, TiBook.

    And if you only want to spend 2k, go to Small Dog and look at their TiBooks
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    I bought this iBook in March 5, of 2003. I don't have any REAL need for it, because I have a PowerMac.

    iBook 800 MHz (12.1)
    Combo Drive
    384 MB of Memory
    30GB Hard Drive
    Airport Card

    Ships in Original Box With All CDS, Manuals.

    Apple Pro Mouse
    Apple Pro Keyboard
    Hawaiian Style Case

    Ships in a Separate Box.

    Buyer Pays Shipping & Handling With Insurance For BOTH Boxes From 61241.
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    this thread was started 10 months ago. I have a feeling the original poster has made a decision, one way or another.

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