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Wanted to Buy. Used Laptop with Combo Drive

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by D0ct0rteeth, Jul 2, 2002.

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    Looking for a used ibook or powerbook with a combodrive.

    No software or extras needed.




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    if anyone has some links to a good online reseller that would be good too.

    Good Times.

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    That is one of the best places for used stuff.

    I have an iBook 600 with 384MB of ram, combo drive, and a 20 gig.

    I have been thinking about selling it, but I have not made up my mind yet. I have an IBM ThinkPad :confused: :confused: :eek: :eek: :eek: for free for work, and my poor little iBook just sits at home with nothing to do. Sad really.
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    not using it? really? let me know. Im surprised Mrs BTTM isn't using it :)

    I looked at smalldog but they are selling used ones for only 200 bucks cheaper than new ones. Plus I miss out on all the apple rebates and promotions.

    No luck with them... im watching ebay though.

    Thanks. and let me know if you want to send it to boston.

    I'll take real good care of her... take her to red socks games and everything :)

    Good times;

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    Ok, Dr.
    My little puppy can be had for 1200.00 firm.
    iBook 600 384 MB
    12.1 inch TFT
    DVD CDRW Combo
    Extras although I know you said you did not want them. They are there if you do.

    Great machine, and I love it dearly, but we just don't need 2 computers at the house. Now that I use the ThinkPad.

    System was 1499 when bought. Still is 1499.00 It is a great machine, and a GREAT price on the little machine. Let me know.
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    awesome chuck.

    im definitly interrested.

    What kind of extras do you have?

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    Hey Doc, I just PM'd you my phone number. Call me and we can go over the particulars.
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    i'll call ya tonight.

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    G4s on eBay

    Lots Base 800 w/ combo go in the range of 2300-2900 - quite a range actually, I've watching (drooling) for weeks!! There seem to be some scam artists about - sellers who are lurkers or no pedigree. 667s go for about $2000.
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    thanks everyone.

    im going w/ the bttm ibook.

    good times.

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    thanks for the easy transaction.

    BTTM is the man.

    Check is in the mail.

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    Dr. Got the Check today. Will deposit Monday and ship the system to you. I hope you love it. Don't be shocked by the lack of disk space when you get it. I have all of the music on it, so you should have some good times going through it :p

    Talk to you soon.
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    thats awesome.

    less disk space... more music...

    mmm.. music (in homer simpson voice)

    how was your trip... you leave yet?

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    Actually, it has been postponed. I am glad too. I hope you like the little lady. She has been good to us. She has everything on her, including the music. Tons of music.

    Thanks again for making this so easy.
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    Hello good Dr. I have a tracking number for you if you need it. I shipped it yesterday, and it should be there Monday or Tuesday. I went ahead and insured it just in case. Sorry it took a couple of days to get it out, but I have been way under the weather. Talk to you soon.

    Your gonna love it.
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    she arrived in NY today. i havent really played with it yet as i am in boston... but i will soon enough. (probably over the weekend)

    thanks again. let me know if i can ever return the favor.

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    Glad to hear it! I have been having withdrawl from her though...(wipes tear from eye).

    She will be good to you, and enjoy the music.

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    So sad, and yet so sweet....

    Was that an iBook with a 16MB graphics?
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    No, that one has the 8meg. It still rocks with x.2 though. It will serve him very well. I have had no problems with that iBook, and it runs 6C35 faster than one would think. The final of x.2 will be very nice on that little G3.
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    Just got your private message. As I always tell my team at work "praise in public" ... so here it goes.

    Thanks again for such a smooth purchase. The iBook was completely beautiful and came with more extras than I ever thought. I did a little housekeeping (installs/updates/etc..) and have passed it on to my friend as I said. The little details such as the screen protecter and various cables relly impressed me. I only wish it was an ebay purchase so i could leave feedback.

    He is completely ignorant of Mac's and has picked it up very quickly. He was going to buy a dell but when I made him the offer (if you dont want it, i'll buy it off you risk free) and sees how easy it is to use he refuses to sell it to me. bastard. ;)

    The major selling point is that he is a baseball player and stays in hotels all the time. He was amazed that all he has to do is plug it in to the ethernet port in the wall and he is online. He flipped. Called me 3 times to thank me. His teammates all want macs now. Its like the LA Lakers iPod video :)

    Thanks again. Hope the wife enjoys her tiBook. I'll buy it when she is done ;)

    Later bud. Your an all star.

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