Wanting to buy a new iPod nano and use it as a watch. Any problems?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by snarestud940, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    Like the title says, I would like to a red iPod nano and use it with the black watch band. My question is, which band should I get? The regular, or the HEX? Also, has anyone encountered problems with this? I saw it on a friend and it looks really cool to me. Thanks.
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    Lunatik is the best! Problems? Umm yea it sucks when you out in the rain.
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    Do I need to take it off in the rain?
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    I guess! I dont wear mine when it rains.
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    Like all iPods, it does have water detectors which will void the warranty. Do not get it wet.
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    I wear my mine as a watch every day. I have tons of watch bands but I love the iwatchz band the best. I even have worn mine out in the rain wit no problem you just have to be careful about getting water in the ports. But it's never been a problem. Not to say I just let the water get all over it and I don't just leave it out in the rain. Mostly it is worne under my jacket when it rains which helps.
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    Care rain and Want to see time---> press button :p
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    No problem

    ...with anything but rain!

    I am trying hard every day to avoid the wet element to reach my Nano and have so far succeeded, but it is a war that will one day be lost as I wear it on a daily basis.
    If you are concerned about rain then you have two options, don't buy it or only wear it on sunny days.

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    Rain almost wasn't an issue with this waterproof watch case. Have you guys ever seen this Kickstarter project?


    They fell short of reaching their fundraising goal unfortunately
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    Their case don't look that appealing, design is very much "out there" - but the idea is nice, specially the BT connection!!!

    I wish the Nano had some sort of wireless build in, the other day I actually tried to use a Arcam rDAC + rWand with mine but had to give up because the wireless adapter would not fit with my LunaTik frame :(
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    I know, right? I wish it had wireless for another reason as well: a simple app store for online radio apps and things like that. Let's see what Apple comes up with in September for the iPod lineup.
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    Hey OP,

    Something to keep in mind for when you purchase the nano: since it is an iPod, the default application is music player. Naturally, this wouldn't be a problem but if you want to use it as a watch, then I would recommend not syncing music as having music on there will cause the iPod to wake into the music app every time.

    I say this because once it goes to "sleep" and you wake it again, even if you were using the clock app, it will automatically open into the music app and you will have to swipe out of it to get to the clock.
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    There is a setting for it to wake on the clock. It doesn't matter if you have music on it or not.

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    I have mine set to show clock as "screensaver" or whatever :apple: calls it - so when I push the wake button on the top it displays the time.
    RedC is right, if I want to swipe away from the clock the next thing it shows is the last played track and I therefor have like 3-4 more swipes before I hit menu.

    Not a big problem for me as the two major things I use it for is clock and music listening when on the go.
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    I would so something like this if there was bluetooth in the Nano.
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    No, that's not what RedC was saying. He seems to not know you can set it to wake on the clock from sleep. He is under the impression that if you have music on your device that the Nano will wake to the music app from sleep. He wasn't saying that the next thing after swiping from the clock app is music, he is saying the music app is what comes up first when waking - he said "wake into the music app every time"
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    Ok my bad, yes the clock can be default on when waking the ipod, next swipe is music and a few music related menues - then you end up at home.
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    Orange Furball

    My mom has one that she doesn't use and told me I can have so I am going to start using hers as a watch. Is the 30 pin and 3.5mm the only ports openings in the case? If so I'll pick up some dust cover things. Waterproof problem solved!

    Only thing left to do is find a good looking watchband... to Google!
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    A small problem in the use of rubber covers - were to put the minijack cover when you want to use earphones? In the pocket with high risk of loosing it when you pick out change or your phone (or anything else)...

    Anyway, I can for sure recommend the LunaTik Classic watchband, I have mine in black/black. Aluminum and screwed in the frame, so no chance it will ever get scratched, pop out or anyway else get damaged.
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    I know right? I am tempted to get one but with the rumored release so close, I can't! I also want AM radio, believe it or not, and would love some apps for online radio streaming. We could also do with a price drop. $99 seems fair. Doubt it would happen, but we'll see.
  22. Orange Furball, Aug 2, 2012
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    Orange Furball

    Thanks! Unfortunately I don't have $70 to spend on a real one... so I'll probably buy a knockoff on ebay! Right now I have the iPod on a gel bracelet thing. It works pretty good until I can get a real one!

    Edit: just got a black lunatik for $18. Obviously fake, but if it stays together I'm good with it!
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    I'm hoping for a Dick Tracy iPod nano. How awesome would that be? Or maybe even putting in a RFID chip. One step closer to...the future!
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    Would be nice. Especially in situations when pulling out your phone would be considered impolite - certain times at work, or in church, etc - a quick look at your "watch" for more than just the time. I really think Apple should at least persue FaceTime in it!
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    Orange Furball

    Anyone with a Lunatik experiencing this? I thought I had normal sized wrists but I guess there chunckier than normal :( because I have the use the last hole for the metal lock thing. And because of this is always unhooks itself. Anyone have a fix for it? I tried just tightening the watch but then its just plain annoying.

    Also, is there anywhere that I can guess the Lunatik Lynx band? Not the whole thing, I just want to be able to switch the bands...

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