War protestors are bankrolled by commy & terrorists lovers

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by peter2002, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Ever wonder how these protest groups come out of no where, so well organized, and get so much attention in the media? Well, it takes money, like $200,000+ per march. Where is the money coming from? Very well financed groups that support communism, N. Korea, Fidel Castro, and every other wacko cause you can think of.

    Partial list:

    1. I.F.C.O. (Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization) - I.F.C.O. is a million-dollar-a-year non-profit that supports Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and once sponsored a group headed by Sami Al-Arian — the University of South Florida professor being charged with fundraising for terrorist organizations Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. I.F.C.O. is a major backer of the protest group Not in Our Name.

    2. Workers World Party - Has existed for more than 30 years now and has always supported the enemies of the United States," said Herbert Romerstein, a retired agent of the U.S. Information Agency. The Workers World Party describes itself as Marxist in nature.

    Workers World Party supports protest group ANSWER. The Workers World Party supports North Korea's brutal regime and I.F.C.O. defied U.N. sanctions when it made a trip to Iraq in the mid-1990s. Now, both are sugar daddies to the anti-war movement.

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    This is an interesting spin on things. That explains why a liberal school like the University of Miami can only muster about 25 students together to have a "peace" rally while the rest of the Gucci wearing student population who never watch the news wonders what's going on. God I love my school. :rolleyes:
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    Well, I was going to say "nonsense," but it's on Fox News so it must be true. Thank you, Peter, for yet more enlightening news.

    - alex_ant (communist)
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    Yup, Fox is the best. Fair, balanced, trustworthy.:eek:
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    Fox news? No comment.
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    Actually, it has been on ABC and CNN too. It is true, the permits were filed by those organizations for the protests, so you don't have to have a slide ruler to figure that out. :rolleyes:

    As for Fox news. #1 in the US. What does that tell you?
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    alex_ant (communist) = alex_ant(one with a basic misunderstanding of human nature).

    Most of the protesters don't know and don't care who sponsors them. However, it is not very intelligent, to say the least, to dismiss the charge that the protests are sponsored by groups that support governments such as North Korea's because the source is (gasp) Fox News. Just go look at the web sites of these organizations, and the information is proudly posted.

    It seems that peter2002 has posted something that doesn't go beyond the content of the link he has posted!
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    ...in other words: we need to have more protest marches to take more money away from those baby eating commy terrorists.
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    You used "however." Good job. But you also used a contraction. Try harder next time.

    Guess what everyone. There are extremist nutjob organizations with money on both the left and the right. For every $1 spent by the communists against the war, there will be $1 spent by some racist skinhead party or biblical fundamentalist party or whatever for the war. I'm much too lazy to back that up, of course, as I don't really give a damn anyway.
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    First let me say that I have reviewed the links, seen the information on multiple networks, and come to the objective decision that it is true. That said, I do feel it necessary to point out the glaring problem with this thread. The title reads "War protestors are bankrolled by commy (sic) & terrorist lovers." It is obvious to me, as it should be to any reasonable person, that peter2002 has posted nothing more than flamebait. Yes, there is some validity to the claim the article puts forward. It is not, however, the validity of the article I question so much as the intent of its posting. I have a very difficult time believing that peter2002 or any other member so overtly hawkish and so historically unable to admit the possibility of reason in other's posts would issue a thread such as this for any purpose other than the further bullying of those who disagree with him, those he deems to be of "incorrect" political affiliation. I say that we right-minded members of the MacRumors community would do well to simply ignore these threads now and in the future, leaving the warhawks and sycophants to entertain themselves.
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    Is the pay good? What kind of benefits can I get as a war protestor? If the terrorists help fund the war protestors, and terrorists get money from drug sales, does that mean that protestors can get free drugs, or maybe they just get an employee discount. Are they considered a nonprofit organization? Do they have a 403b retirement plan? Let me know

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    O'Reilly angers me.
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    Ok, even though I said we should all just leave this alone I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't say one more thing. Any network that employs both Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly should be ashamed to call itself "fair and balanced." Honestly, people, admit it to yourselves. Fox News is among the least objective news organizations on the planet. I think Esquire summed it up best a few months ago in their "Dubious Achievement Awards" issue. They printed a graphic with various fox anchors in actual poses they'd struck while on the air, all of which were quite suggestive to say the least. The caption read simply "Fox News: It's Not Quite News, But It's Not Technically Porn." Enough said. :)
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    O'Reilly was on GMA this morning trying to say that 95% of people to his website support a boycott of France. Then he was trying to say that it was representative on the whole U.S.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    You can say whatever you feel about fox, but i will say this! unlike the other news networks they allways try to have both sides represented! I think this is great then you make the call. Oh and about these orginazations getting money from the bad guys. O'reiley reported this back some time ago. No surprise. The peace marchers love to america bash but you didnt hear much from them when they were killing in bosnia, nor hardly a word while Saddam has Murdered and tortured his own people! Yet today they make every effort to bash George who is trying to make the world a better place. Peace marchers/Liberal Democrats just showing their true colors again and again.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, this is quite interesting - showing how propaganda works in some strange ways. And how money can make a believer of almost anyone. Its a shame, though, but by playing to the media and making a scene, they get much more coverage and exposure. It only ends up muddying the waters.

    I can't wait for this to all be over.

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    I've just been readin slashdots moderator faq. Sure makes me wish we could have a similar system here.

    moderate post as flamebait :D
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    Re: War protestors are bankrolled by commy & terrorists lovers

    I always thought this was old news. I'd seen stories bout this since the first protests started going on.

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    Re: War protestors are bankrolled by commy & terrorists lovers

    First of all, how can we point fingers at an organization for trying to do humanitarian efforts (getting food to people) even if those people are in a dictatorship.

    Our government was responsible for the coup that overthrew a democratically elected leader in Chile in 1973. They also helped topple a democratic government in Iran in 1953. Both governments were replaced by west-friendly but brutal dictatorships. We have also supported bin Laden in the past. And Saddam's regime. Don't tell me our government has been innocent of doing far worse than these people attempting humanitarian efforts.

    So why are we pointing fingers at these "suger-daddies" that supposedly funding "terrorism"?

    Second, we still don't know if Sami Al-Arian has funded terrorists. And, even if he did at some point, that doesn't mean that any group he was affiliated with was doing the same or doing so knowingly. Do you think that any person or group who donated money to his causes was aiding and abeting terrorists? Even that middle class white lady that he hit up when going door to door?? This tie could be harmless. As far as I'm concerned, we just don't know yet.

    Finally, as Alex said, just because some allegedly unseemly groups are sponsering the equipment and flyers for these events doesn't change my opinion that these events are for a worthy cause. I don't go there thinking, "I'm here supporting communism and terrorism!!" I'm there because I think a peaceful resolution is a possible and better solution. Most people at these events think likewise.

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    Can someone tell me what the US Information Agency is?? Are they referring to the CIA? Is this a legitamate organization or some privately funded group?

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    Dont Hurt Me

    A much worthy cause is getting tyrant/murders brought to justice! If they have killed 1 person that is 1 to many. Where are the marchers when it comes to North Korea? Where were they when it comes to the crimes agaisnt humanity Saddam has done? Anyone who thinks they march their way to peace with a known liar ,manipulator,terrorist like saddam is either very very naive or they are very very ignorant. Sure we need to help the people of Iraq and the best help i can think of is getting rid of Saddam for starters. The truth is comming out on these organizations and how and who funds. Its just sad that there is so many joes out there that think the propaganda they are being fed by hollywood and these organizations is true.
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    Why Iraq? Why not:
    Cuba (damn communists ;-) )
    North Korea
    Israel and Palestine (come guys, let's just be friends)

    Why Iraq? Who voted the U.S. as the guardian's of Democracy? Heck, who even said that the U.S. government works? Let's set up a system of goverment in Iraq where the people with the most money get their man in office. Oh, Iraq already has that. Saddam is worth 9 billion dollars.

    My big problem with this was is that in the last one (when I was serving in the US Navy) we kill a couple hundred thousand Iraqis, but did we punish anyone responsible for Kuwait? Did we hurt Saddam? It sure doesn't look like it. How many innocent Iraqis are going to be killed in this war? What is the current death rate of an Iraqi citizen? How many people will have to die before Bush is satisified that Saddam has paid enough for his sins? Who elected Bush God?

    Will anyone mourn for Iraqi conscripts that are forced to fight on the front lines? Will the widows and orphans of those conscripts have a concert benefit to raise money for them?

    It is all very sickening. I don't love Saddam, and I don't hate the U.S. I can't stand bigots and *******s though.

    Oh, keep in mind what I said above before flaming, I served my country in the last war. I risked my life for "freedom" I have a good idea of what war is really like, not what the show on movies and tv. Watch Saving Private Ryan and understand that it is going to be alot worse than that.
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    You are discussing 2-3 different subjects and concluding that are are related to 'peace marchers/liberal democrats which is a typical redneck oil loving conservative biased thing to do. I'm a democrat and I wouldn't march for peace. Also, there's a difference between 'America bashing' and 'current government bashing'. I think most bashing is related to current 'redneck oil loving conservative biased Bush' here. Saddam has it coming, he going bye bye but that has nothing to do with some sketchy reporting practices by Fox. I love how republicans look for anything negative or opposed to their liking and slap the 'liberal' tag on it. Ah, liberal is only a bad thing if you are a republican.

    Bush isn't trying to make the world a better place, he trying to get a stock pile of oil. This isn't about helping the people of iRaq as we've never helped anyone in the middle east unless it had to do with oil or downright broken international law. Why now? Why iRaq? Why not iRan? Why not Palestine? Why aren't we sweeping Pakestan? Saudi Arabia still produces a really big bunch of really bad terrorists and we haven't done anything there. indonesia, the Philippines (where we have a base for christ's sake) Bush is being biased with his power. He's only going after the easy and publicly idiotic dictator that has all the oil that his daddy couldn't get rid of when he had the chance. No protestes during Bosnia because of all the murdering, Clinton sent troops there.

    I'm not against ridding the world of Sadaam, I'm skeptical of the 1) timing (bad public opinion for pres, need war to get support). 2) Economy is just as bad as Iraq's 3) Deficit is growing faster then Bush's vocabulary. Just a lot of things about this war that make you wonder about the reasonings. That's what some democrats debate about (like me). Also, keep in mind a lot of those protestors aren't democrats, they are green peace and other independant parties. Probably some of the same fanatics that protested the World Trade Organization thruout the world.

    As for marching and protesting, you are right about one, they do pick and choose. No one protested the Taliban, it's teatment of women, public assination, destroying the budda statues, etc. There's nothing to portest yet with N Koera but that such be next on the list. I feel more stongly about dealing with them then Saddam.

    Anyways, just hope it's a short quick war with little US casualties.
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    Oh, good god. Please tell me they're not number one. Oh, please.

    If they are - well, that certainly explains some of Americans' willful blindness. I am angrier and angrier about how little the average American understands about the world.
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    Wait a minute. You claim that you served in the Gulf War, and then you come up with a quote like that. That completely destroys your credibility. How on earth can you compare the landing on Normandy to invading a 3rd world country with a 10th rate army? How. That is total BS, and quite frankly very offensive to me since I had family at D-Day.

    Iraq will be war, so yes there will be casualties, but nothing on the scale of difficulty, or loss that we saw at Normandy.

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