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WarCraft III

Discussion in 'Games' started by SC68Cal, May 16, 2006.

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    Am I the only person that finds custom games to be frustrating? I get my ass handed to me by the computer. No wonder all I play is FPS.
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    I hated it too. The computer blatantly attacks you where a human character would NEVER guess you would be. Maybe by accident, but not by a strategically placed army and then suddenly attacking you without ever accidently finding you first.
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    i haven't tried the custom games yet, but my wife tells me it depends on the actual map you're playing.
    some of the maps allow the computer to launch an attack within minutes of starting, while others give you more time.
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    When you get better it isn't so bad. I've taken on an insane before, as well as an Insane+Easy team. Just takes some practice!

    And yes, they give the enemy unfair advantages - like collecting more gold/trees for each Peon, etc.
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    Well custom games IMO are to make you a hardened WC3 player.

    Since no human is ever that crazy or ambitious it teaches you defence and offense in ways that playing tons of humans wouldnt allow.

    I dont play single player custom games, since I first bought the game.

    I play on Bnet (RoC) 1v1 solo ranking, i was ranked as high as #34 last year, but I got into DotA on FT, and only recently got back into 1v1, but my modem has disconnected me resulting in losses about 10 times in the past 2 weeks.

    If you dont like the comp kickin yer ass, go play on Bnet and let a newb do it!
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    Ugh. At least the computer doesn't talk crap about me behind my back.
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    Just sayin, sheesh.

    Sometimes when the comp is bearing down and kickin my ass I like to talk trash, though it falls on deaf ears.

    At least I dont use the stupid term "GoSu" which 98% of people I play dont even know the meaning of. (it means High Hand)
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    The real glory of WC3 is the custom games that are really different games. Check out Land of Legends 2
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    DotA hands down.

    its for RoC and FT, but FT is the only constantly updated one.

    sucks sometimes because people end up getting their asses kicked and quit halfway, or a minute, into the game. Leaving sometimes a 3v5 or even a 2v5 game, which sucks.

    but DotA is pretty fun.
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    warcraft III is so much easier in custom games than starcraft and once you get the feel for the strategy you will be able to play customs games much easier. to start out with play 1vs1 on the easiest level, play till you can beat them most of the time, then go to the next difficulty level(you might also want to try a free-for-all or team games for practice). Also you will want to try all the races depending on your playing style(orcs=aggressive physical attackers, humans=all round, night elves=long range/stealth, undead=magic) personally I like the night elves because all their buildings can relocate and many of their units are invisible at night. As for insane strategies, i dont know, i have used some that were just plain crazy(sent the "ents"(defender trees, like the defense tower)("run forest, run") to go to 1 side of the base, plant themselves and lay seige to the city while the rest of the army wanted a minute and went through the other entrance and destroyed the production centers and main base)

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