Warner Music profit falls; industry in slump

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Maybe the music industry will learn from this, naw, they'll just start suing more people.

    Bastards the wholoe lot of them.

    If they quit putting out crap music and started engaging digital music instead of fighting it they may have a leg to stand on until then the whole industry will be in trouble. I think a lot of the artist will follow with Madonna and leave Warner, that idea they have is crap. It's like a forced excessive selling out of an artist.
  3. JNB
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    I'm waiting for YouTube vids of execs leaping from the roof of the Capitol Records building...
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    maybe they should post an LAPD chopper outside the building so they don't miss any action.
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    - hey look bob, there's another one of them execs jumpin'.
    - ah who cares, he's only an assistant exec anyway.
    - betcha a jelly, he's a full exec.
    - you're on, now hand me that jelly... see him flailing his arms like that? that's your first sign, he has or rather had hope. second, he's about 40 pounds too light and finally, the tie was totally cheap. dead give away.
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    Well, folks, would you believe...

    The REAL REASON Capital Records Executives were jumping out of the building...


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