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WARNING 10.7.5 just destroyed my Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Itpirate, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Just installed the update and now I can't boot. I have tried to recover using a clean copy of Lion via the online restore and it crashes as well....

    I am trying to install snow leopard now.
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    Always always always create a bootable clone before running software updates.
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    I'm on the same boat. I've get the startup chime, then they grey screen with the apple and the spinning circle and its been sitting like that for hours.

    Used to be, day of updates were fine. Now I'm really thinking about waiting til .2 versions come down.

    If you find the solution to our problem, please post!
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    I installed just fine on my Macbook Pro. I never do something like this through the App Store though, I always download the combo update from the Apple website and go from there.

    Sorry you guys are having issues.
  5. WRP
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    ummmm, how long have you used macs? Any well weathered person knows not to update immediately and also not to use the system update app but download the update once you hear the issues and update manually.
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    Since the Apple II in 1st Grade in 1988!!

    I drink the Kool-Aid though and can't help myself... Now I've got to dig into storage, pull out the discs, and reinstall...

    Thank goodness for my Timecapsule backups...
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    Anything 10.7-10.7.9 is apple maps of OS. Hope you get your problem sorted though. I reccomend 10.6.8 fwiw.
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    Same issue on my 2007 Mac Pro - blurry lines in the middle of the screen, and kernel panic on boot.
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    No issues with my Mac Pro 2,1
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    The Apple ][ was not a Mac.
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    Went back to a clean install of 10.7.4 and it works fine. It will be awhile before I try a lion upgrade again.

    BTW this is a 2007 Mac Pro. Why in the hell I can't use ML when my 2007 iMac can is beyond me.

    If anyone figures out what the problem/remedy is I would appreciate it.

    For me I just get stuck at the kernel panic power button/restart screen after the 10.7.5 upgrade.
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    No issue here on the MacPro 4,1 with 20-inch ACD.
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    How did you go back to a clean install of 10.7.4? I can't get mine to boot in to a flash drive with Lion on it, or a DVD.
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    You 2007 Mac Pro probably has a 32 bit UEFI only and Mountain Lion is 64 bit ONLY.
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    :) good call, sir.
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    huh? 10.7.5 is lion not ML

    I looked on the apple support communities and I am not the only one with this issue.
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    For the most part they are fine. And this is an x.x.5 update, so it should be good with no need to wait before installing.
    It's likely fair to say that issues like this happen amongst a small minority of users. And although it could well be Apples fault, neither can we be certain of that either..
    But for the record, it works just fine on my 07 iMac.
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    I am having the same issue.

    I reboot the machine. It will chime, gear spins. The screen went fuzzy. After a while it will reboot.

    I can't get into my OS. I have no problem before.
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    Have been experiencing a similar problem since couple updates from Mountain Lion launches. It starts begin lagging when the machine running certain amount of times, then it would take up more than 30 mins to get a restart. Have not install this 10.7.5 updates yet, afraid it might even getting worse.
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    It also broke Time Machine...

    Good job APPLE!!!
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    Trine 2 - Fullscreen Problem

    Trine 2 (The game from Steam) is not working properly in full screen mode. It is offset in the lower right corner and of course it is not playable.
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    Ugh... wish I'd read this first.

    My spotlight has been indexing for 5+ hours, sometimes showing an estimated time, but mostly "Estimating Indexing Time". Peripherals stopped working earlier today, and now I can barely load this web page.

    I found humor of the irony when my Force Quit window froze up with spinning wheel.

    Hope this sorts itself out after indexing spotlight. Nothing showing in activity monitor. Frustrated. Tons of work to do tonight, and a new phone coming tomorrow. UGH!
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    Mac Pro - equally thrashed

    Hi - new to the forum. Had to register to post my own woes. Mac Pro 2.4 dual quad-core 2010, updated through software update (how, in all these years, did I miss that that is not smart to do??), then she'd hang on startup, during the spinning wheel under the grey Apple. Dozens of times. Tried clearing PRAM, safe booting, etc. Nuthin. Rebooted from Techtools eDrive, ran diagnostics, repaired permissions/rebuilt volume, etc. Nope.

    So now I'm in the midst of installing Mountain Lion - leaving Lion altogether in the hopes it will paste over the problem. OK so far, it's installing with no dramas. Couldn't do a clean install as it's been over a week since last backup and I've been busy at the keyboard.

    Wish me luck! I'll post with results. Sorry for all y'all having similar issues. SO frustrating!

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    Mac Lifesaver

    Perhaps a videocard with 64bit drivers would do the trick...
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    Please keep us posted seasob
    been thinking upgrade to ML as well but afraid it might just mess it all up.

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