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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Cuz03, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I hav one quick question. if you're ipod comes with a free warranty already, what does that cover? and if you buy the two year warranty thing that is like $80 does it give you an extra two years or two instead of one? Oh and does it come with the one year warranty free if i purchase it from a place like best buy?
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    iPod warranty pdf
    AppleCare coverage for iPod

    The hardware coverage is for the earbuds, the iPod itself, and the battery, if it's deemed defective. It will not cover things like a cracked screen or exposure to liquid. The coverage will only last two years, and it begins from the date of purchase of the iPod. You do not gain anything by waiting until day 364 of ownership and then buying in to AppleCare in other words. If the iPod is purchased from an authorized reseller, the 1 year limited warranty applies.
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    Lol that was NOT one question.

    One question?? That was atleast three lol...

    And with jedimeister's post, I declare this case closed. (stack papers) lol

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