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Was a fix ever found for shutting off speakers when using headphones on G5 PMs?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by NIPRING, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Its been a while since i've looked into this after i first realized that the speakers attached to my G5 PM didnt shut off when i plugged in headphones. Has there ever been any type of software fix for this? And while we're at it, was this issue resolved in Mac Pros?
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    Don't know but this is also something that I too wondered about since I have it hooked up to my TV/monitor. I have to mute my monitor if I plug my headphones into my G5.
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    I know. Its not a serious issue, just an inconveince i had hoped was rectified by now.
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    Well, i downloaded it and fooled around a bit but I'm not seeing and distinction between output volumes. As soon as i slide the output volume down the headphone volume goes down as well as the desktop speakers. And the system volume seems to do nothing.
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    Not sure how it behaves on G5's. It works great on my 2008 Mac Pro. Plug in headphones, speakers shut off, and vice versa. (I think there's a checkable menu item to enable that.)

    And by speakers, I mean external speakers I have plugged in to the analog out jack in the back.

    IIRC, it also remembers the headphone volume level between reboots.
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    on my dual 1.8, i never found a fix (software) up to around mid 10.4 when i had to sell it.

    that said, i went for a hardware fix by using logitech speakers with a remote volume control that had a headphone jack on it. that is, the volume control was a seperate device that controlled the speakers, but also had a headphone out jack that muted the speakers when headphones were plugged in. i set the g5 volume out to max, and used the logitech control for volume. many late nights of quake 4 spent this way...

    g5 sound (analog) out > logitech volume control > headphones. worked great!

    best of luck.

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