Wash Post: CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Jul 12, 2003.

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    the plot thickens. seems more likely now that tenet is just the fall guy.
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    What a tangled web! Blair is still claiming that "other" evidence exists to back up the claim but none has yet been shared with the public.
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    what i find funny is that the americans have type of admitted that the uranium 'thing' was unfounded, the Australian PM apologised to the parliament about giving exagerrated/false information about Iraq.......BUT the British still stick by their claim saying that they had intelligence that no-one else had access to. Firstly i think that doesnt pump confidence into the JIT as well as British inteligence level is extremely poor.......GOD what happened to Bond and the MI6/ MI7
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    i rea;lly hope that this really harms the Labour Party, especially Blair (that uis coming from a socialist). I think Charles Kennedy from the Lib Dems is the only politician that asked for a potential find/ second resolution rather that run into the situation blind.

    i also hope this actually reduces the power of the British in the EU as well as the other new contries that are joining that were part of the coalition of the bribed.

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE SPANISH PM IS SAYING? he was always somewhere on the news standing with B/B before the war, as well as his country was really against the war
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    I think that the intelligence they are referring to is from the US, the claim that Iraq sought nuclear materials. It is circular logic and as long as nobody reveals their unnamed sources they hope it will hold.
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    and deeper still

    we finally have a name for the person who insisted the reference to the fake doc stay in the SOTU:

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    Re: and deeper still

    "YOU WILL DO WHAT WE TELL YOU TO DO." You do what we told you to do. "Well, they did it, therefore, we are not responsible!"

    Interesting logic.
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    hey! a new scapegoat! now it's steven hadley. i'm getting dizzy. it's said that bush still has confidence in mr. hadley, he is not asking for his resignation, and he considers the matter closed. again.
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    i see the strategy...if enough people take the blame...no one can truly be responsible.

    it's so interesting that tenet said it was his fault for not notifying the wh. about the misleading info.

    now that there is proof that the wh was notified in october...hadley is next in line to take the fall. it seems such a large stretch that info of this magnitude wasn't relayed to rice. i find that very hard to believe.

    anyone else notice that bit by bit the story is moving to right where james wilson stated in his original expose? wilson said that not only did the cia have the info but so did cheney's task force.

    like a fire jumping a break, the flames have now landed on the lawn of the whitehouse.
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    This is such a non story. I am confused why you all seem to think that this one issue puts Bush in a bad light. Most here do not appear to support the war in the first place.
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    yeah, it was just a piece of tape on a door. what's the big deal?

    oops -- wrong scandal.
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    cnn, fox, msnbc and probably every major publication at the newstand tomorrow will beg to differ.

    if you don't see the significance...there ya go.

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